How You Can Provide Better Patient Care And Make A Difference In The World Of Nursing

Nursing is often a thankless job. However, it can be a rewarding job. For those with a passion for helping others, nursing is a great option. Patients who are in grave condition appreciate the extra warm blanket, smile and “How are you feeling today?” There are other ways to ensure providing optimal care and treatment to make the difference in the world of nursing.

Master’s in Nursing

It’s obvious that most nurses want to help people. For those with this desire to help, a Master’s in Nursing can help ensure job placement. In addition, getting a Master’s in Nursing helps nurses to delve deeper into their areas of interest. All nurses provide basic care and treatment. However, nurses who have a master’s degree are in higher positions of authority and are able to make a difference through their leadership roles. Consider an online RN to MSN to expand your perspective on patient care.

Choosing a Reputable Hospital

It’s a sad reality that a few hospitals and other care facilities do not have an adequate amount of staffing. This decision is made by those who are in-charge of hiring. However, by choosing a reputable hospital that has sufficient staffing, nurses are able to make the most impact on their patients. Hospitals with adequate staffing levels allow nurses to spend time with their patients and ensure the highest in care and treatment.


One of the most overlooked aspects of nursing are assessments. Nurses hold a vital role in a patient’s welfare. Upon intake of a patient, nurses are required to perform assessments. Assessments of patients provide detailed information regarding a patient’s current condition. During the time of assessment is when things like pressure ulcers are often missed. Keeping a keen eye to a patient’s condition helps to ensure the success of their overall care and treatment.


When nurses have a lot of job demands, nursing notes can suffer. It’s important to input pertinent information about a patient in their records. This information can be looked at by doctors and other nurses. It helps others to notice if there is something amiss. For instance, a high number of white blood cells and poor output can be an indication of a kidney infection. If output was not adequately documented, it may go unnoticed until it was too late.

Policies and Procedures

Every hospital and care facility has their own policies and procedures. On top of what a nurse is required to know based on education, policies and procedures lay out required procedures that must be followed by nurses at the particular hospitals they’re employed. For instance, if a nurse is required to conduct a two-person assist on a patient transfer, it will most likely be included in the hospital’s policies and procedures.

Being a nurse has its challenges. However, it takes a special type of person to be a nurse. Nurses are able to meet these challenges head-on because they truly care about making a difference in the world of nursing.

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