Incontinence is a condition or a disease in which the patient looses control over his/her bladder activities. There are many solutions and treatments available to deal with the situation, but the best thing is protection. In this post, I am going to discuss some tips to protect yourself from incontinence.

Avoid the chances: There are many things that may cause incontinence including injuries, bladder damages, etc. We must try to control such things and try to avoid the chances. Though there are many cases when we do not have any control over the cause such as aging. Old people usually face incontinence issues more and they cannot even control the situation.

Kegel Exercises: Kegel is one of most popular remedy for incontinence. It mainly includes pelvic floor and bladder exercises. It is the best technique to avoid initial symptoms of incontinence. It is mainly effective for women and old people with initial and mid symptoms. You should take suggestions from a professional or a doctor regarding Kegel exercise.

Make a Schedule and Follow it: Make a schedule for everything you do, even to use the bathroom. Do not use bathroom only when you need to, but use it regularly. It will help you make your bladder empty and so will avoid the chances of frequent urination.

Use Adult Diapers and Pads: Adult diapers are the pads especially made for adults who use to urinate in their pants. These diapers help in keeping you dry and so in dealing with your incontinence issues. There are available diapers for every purpose and every size so they can easily adjust according to your body shape and will provide you a proper protection in the case of any emergency.

Change your Diet plan: Avoid caffeine rich beverages like tea, coffee, etc. from your diet. Drink enough to keep your body hydrated. Avoid any kind of drugs or medicines that increases the level of incontinence. If you smoke or drink, quit it immediately. Add nutrients and green vegetables to your diet.

Use Mattress pads for your Bed: It is also very important to make sure proper safety of your bed and mattress. Since a mattress is a big investment and you cannot clean it each time it gets dirty. If an incontinence patient is using the mattress, it is obvious that he/she will make it dirty so it is a better option to use a mattress protector if you want to protect your bed and mattress.

All the above tips are good and will help you in dealing with incontinence problem. There are many surgeries and treatments also there, but these tips are the best in dealing with side-effects of incontinence problem.

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