In order to get a hearing aid for the first time or a replacement, one must go through an intensive and individualized process more commonly known as a hearing aid fitting. It is usually done in coordination with a hearing aid professional who will guide you through assessing your specific needs as it relates to your lifestyle, preferences and any previous experiences you have had with a hearing instrument. To best fit these needs, many persons have gone with a Siemens hearing aid, for reasons that will soon be made clear.
You must first undergo a hearing test. Your choice of hearing aids will be determined by the type and intensity of hearing loss that you have experienced. Particular types of hearing aids are built to accommodate persons experiencing certain types of hearing loss. Larger models are great for a wider range of hearing loss, especially moderate to severe while smaller models are best suited for milder loss. The type of technology you require in your hearing instrument will also be determined by the degree of hearing loss whether it be of high, medium or low frequencies.

Your lifestyle determines what you will decide on in a hearing aid device. Whether you are a confined to one spot or lead an on-the-go active lifestyle, there are a range of aids that will suit you. You can make choices based on whether you would like to have complete control over the levels and quality of sound or go with something totally automated. Some persons prefer to have a hearing aid that is completely discreet and can easily blend in with their skin tone, while others love to accessorize and make bold statements with their device. There are also options of personalizing your hearing aid instrument with accompanying accessories or even a remote control. Finally, the choice you make will also be affected by your previous experiences with a hearing aid instrument.

After having used a particular brand or model over an extended period you become familiar with all its nuances, pros and cons. You may choose to continue with a preferred brand or opt for a change or an upgrade to a newer model.
Now you can fit your hearing aid device into your lifestyle and not the other way around with the new products from Siemens. This is one of the leading giants of hearing instruments and you may well be familiar with some of their products. Siemens has redesigned their devices, taking your way of life, budget and preferences into consideration. Everyone can find an option that best suits them from the four leading models.
The Siemens Pure is for those of you who prefer discretion, power and automation. It is almost invisible and is one of the smallest receivers in canal as well as completely in canal devices. It is fully automated so that it self-adjusts to your immediate environment without you having to consider lifting a finger. The Pure is best suited for mild to moderate hearing loss.
The Siemens Vibe fits into the cup of your ear and has an interchangeable outer shell which allows the wearer to make a bold statement, to mix and match to fit their outfit or mood. It is extremely resilient, being dust and germ proof. These are also fully automated and adjust well to the environment.
Siemens Active was built with those of you who lead an active lifestyle in mind. It is a heavy duty, resilient device which is water-proof, germ and dust resistant and completely hands free.
The Siemens Explorer was designed for children who really are little explorers of their world. It comes with built-in safety features, is coated to make it easily repel dust, dirt, and germs. It is resistant to scratches and breaks and is fully automated, so that your little ones can experience their surroundings naturally.
Whatever your needs or preferences, there is a hearing aid device that best fits you.

Ernest Poh founded The Hearing Centre Pte Ltd. The Hearing Centre is your one-stop centre for complete hearing aids and hearing conservation services. Ernest has been fitting hearing devices since 2004. Visit his website at to learn more about the different types of hearing aids and the possible causes of hearing loss.

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