Neck pains can be excruciatingly grueling, and their negative ramifications often extend into the head. Suffering in these areas can be caused by a multitude of factors. As a result, it is important to trace the root cause of any pain. This overview provides vital information on the various potential sources for agitating discomforts in the head and neck; however, it should be noted that there is no substitute for a doctoral diagnosis.

Poor Posture

The most common instigator of neck cramps is also the easiest to remedy. Postures that are habitually slouched will become excessively prone to painful cricks in the neck. There are a wide range of daily activities that can induce harmful posture if proper care is not shown. These behaviors include watching television at a sharp angle, bending for reading and continuously doing office work without a break. Luckily, when these detrimental trends are recognized, they can be simply rectified with only slight behavioral alterations.

Harmful Sleeping Positions

Another prevalent origin for these kinds of aches is a poor configuration of the body while sleeping. Resting in awkward positions can severely irritate the neck, and result in copious debilitating cramps. The overly sensitized nerves can create subsequent migraines. Pains caused by poor sleeping positions can be intense enough to partially inhibit mobility. Massage can fix some of these problems, but the simplest solution is to commit to a healthy spinal adjustment on a nightly basis.


Injuries and Accidents

Both head and neck pains can be directly attributed to previously sustained injuries. Heavy impacts can severely dislocate spinal vertebrae. This kind of accident can ensue as a result of whiplash, and it has the capacity to inflict extreme suffering. Disks that are slipped or ruptured require immediate attention to avoid potential paralysis. Damaged blood vessels are another root cause of mysterious pains in this region. The neck can also be sprained by sudden twisting maneuvers. These forms of injuries can generate lasting pain, but the osteopathic medicine Fort Lauderdale has available is uniquely capable of alleviating symptoms associated with severe head and neck afflictions.

Medical Conditions

In uncommon instances, neck pain can be indicative of larger health concerns. Aches in this area can accompany fibromyalgia and cervical arthritis. Spinal infections can also induce serious suffering in these realms. Another medical condition that can play a role in neck hazards is osteoporosis, which can specifically facilitate unseen spinal fractures. Rarely, neck pains can also be representative of undetected cancers.


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