The technological breakthroughs seen in the medical field during the last few years have been very impressive. Many of these technologies are things that most people imagine to be in science fiction movies. Fortunately, they’re all very real–even though some are still in prototype stages–and can help heal people in ways that haven’t been possible in the past. Here are some cutting-edge health devices that have been proven to be quite effective.

Four Surprising Health Devices That Actually Work

1) ApiFix

Scoliosis is a big problem in many parts of the world, and sadly, it’s present in many adolescents. This genetic spinal curvature can range from being very mild to very severe, and the bend can occur in one spot or multiple places. Individuals who are plagued with more serious cases of scoliosis may experience constant back pain and find it difficult to engage in everyday behaviors such as dressing and undressing, bathing, or even walking. Thanks to the Apifix system, straightening out the spine is now a less painful procedure that has other benefits including faster recovery time, reduction in scarring, and decreased time and cost of procedure. The adjustable ratchet system connects to two points on the spine and can be adjusted to pull or push. So far, it’s been implanted in 15 patients with great success.

2) Ion Bracelets

Would you believe that wearing a bracelet everyday can improve your overall health? Well, all of that is possible with ion health technology. Ion bracelets contain a number of different minerals and when activated by sunlight, they produce a high concentration of negative anions. These negative anions are responsible for increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, mental alertness, and overall energy. Endevr balance bracelets are a popular example of this health-boosting wrist wear.

3) IonMed BioWeld1

Ion health technology is great for revitalizing the body, but IonMed has developed a product to heal it in a new and exciting way. Surgery is a procedure that often requires cutting into the flesh to get to internal parts. Once the operation is complete, the open wound must be closed–and that part can be very unpleasant for the patient since it often requires sewing or staples. With BioWeld1, wounds can be closed up in a matter of minutes with cold plasma technology for instant sanitation, lessened scarring, and shortened recovery time.

4) Surpass Medical NeuroEndoGraft

Brain aneurysms can be fatal, but Surpass’ NeuroEndoGraft diverters diffuse extreme build-ups in arteries to prevent breakage. This new technology can prevent aneurysms from happening, and it’s already saved more than several dozen lives during a testing period.

While there are many gimmick technologies out there that are either unsafe for patients or simply don’t work, the health devices above have undergone testing and show real potential to be used on a mass scale in the near future. It is exciting to think what these and other devices will do to improve medical treatment in the future.

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