Five Reasons You Should Treat Your Injuries NowBeing in any vehicle accident can be both mentally and physically traumatic. If you’re involved in a truck accident, the chances for physical injury are much greater. The size and weight of any model truck can inflict terrible injuries on anyone involved in the accident. If you find yourself the victim of such a collision, there are five good reasons to immediately seek treatment for your injuries.

Evaluate Your Injuries

No matter how you feel immediately after the accident, do go to the emergency room to be evaluated. Often, accident victims are stunned and also pumped with adrenaline. You may feel shaky but physically fine. However, once you calm down, you can start to notice aches and pains. It is best to have a professional check to make sure you are unharmed.

Prevent Further Injury

If you are hurt and do not immediately seek treatment, you may aggravate an injury. Sprains, fractures, and even concussions do not always immediately make themselves known. Delaying treatment can make any injury more severe. Seeking immediate help means you’ll heal faster and prevent making your condition worse.

Catch Hard-To-Detect Problems

Frequently, a truck collision will cause injuries that may not manifest themselves immediately. A sore back may just mean a minor muscle strain, but it could also indicate that something is out of place, or worse, cracked. Muscle tears are also possible. These conditions are painful and need to be diagnosed by a doctor.

Whiplash Is Real

Whiplash has a bad reputation as a condition that people fake after being in a collision. In fact, it is a neck sprain that frequently happens in accidents when the neck is whipped forward and backward. It is a debilitating condition that may not fully manifest itself until days or even weeks down the road. Whiplash is a serious problem that needs to be diagnosed by a doctor. Seeking treatment for any neck pain after an accident is essential.

Legal Issues

After an accident, insurance and legal issues many arise. A Louisville truck accident attorney can help protect your interests, and any good lawyer will recommend that you visit the emergency room to be checked out immediately after the incident. You may be lucky and escape any problems, but for your legal protection, you need to have your physical condition documented.


The effects accidents have on the human body are hard to predict. It takes time to be certain just how much damage has been done. That is why you need to seek immediate medical treatment after any vehicle collision, especially a truck collision. For health and legal reasons, it is better to have everything in writing.

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