Create Your Own First Aid Kit in 5 MinutesEmergencies happen quickly, and it’s important to be prepared for them. One way is to have a first aid kit ready to go. You can make your own first aid kit in just 5 minutes, and possibly save a life while waiting for EMS to arrive.

The Basics of a First Aid Kit

You should keep a first aid kit in both your home and your car. The first aid kit should have medical supplies, and also a flashlight with fresh batteries.

It should include your medications, especially emergency medications like inhalers, and emergency phone numbers such as your doctor, your hospital, and the poison control number. The box you use for your first aid kit should be moisture resistant.

What To Put in Your First Aid Kit

For cuts you’ll need bandaids, 1 or 2 5″ x 9″ compress dressings, a roll of cloth tape, and a tube of antibiotic ointment.

For minor burns you’ll need a box of sterile dressings, along with aloe vera lotion and a cold compress. The cold compress is also good for minor sprains.

For splinters you’ll want a pair of tweezers.

Include scissors for cutting the tape.

Include a thermometer that’s not glass or mercury (it might get broken in the kit).

Put in some aspirin to give to someone who thinks they’re having a heart attack. Aspirin dilates blood vessels, and can buy someone some much-needed time.

Finally, be sure to include a first aid manual in your kit.

Putting Your Kit Together

You can put your kit together in 5 minutes! But it’s important to make sure it’s organized, so you can find things in an emergency.

Put the bandaids, dressings, and tape together in a waterproof bag or container. Put all the medications, including aspirin and ointments, in another waterproof container. Anything that is like a tool, such as scissors, tweezers, flashlight, etc. should be in a third container. The thermometer can be included, but should be it its own box.

The cold compress is big, and can be by itself, since it’s easy to find.

Label each container clearly, and put the first aid manual on top so you can find it right away. Keep the emergency phone numbers inside the first aid manual.

Now your 5-minute first aid kit is ready. You can have peace of mind, knowing that the 5 minutes might someday save a loved one’s life.

Information provided by 911 Industrial Response Inc.

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