If you or a family member are currently pregnant or planning to become pregnant in the near future, there are a number of important decisions you will need to make in preparation for the arrival of your new family member. One of these decisions should be about whether or not to save the baby’s umbilical cord blood. Since many hospitals do not currently have access to the cord blood collection kit, it is wise for you to prepare yourself well before the expected due date so that you will have the kit in your possession when the time comes. If you choose to collect and save your baby’s cord blood, it is important to understand that the cord blood can only be collected within a few minutes of the child’s birth.There are a number of benefits to saving your baby’s umbilical cord blood at a specialized cord blood bank. The blood from your baby’s umbilical cord is rich in stem cells. Stem cells are the body’s unique building blocks of life, and can be used in the treatment of more than eighty diseases and conditions. Not only can these stem cells be used for the baby as a self repair kit, but they can often be used for siblings and other family members as well. In addition, stem cells are often used in place of bone marrow transplants since they do not require exact matching.Extensive research is showing great potential for stem cells to be used effectively in the treatment of spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease as well. By using an accredited and experienced cord blood bank like Stemcyte, you will increase the usage potential of your baby’s umbilical cord blood. Stemcyte has provided more than 1700 units for treatment of 52 diseases and conditions to date, and offers guaranteed temperature controlled shipping containers to ensure the effectiveness and preservation of your baby’s cord blood.

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