Each year it seems like there are more changes in healthcare. It could be higher rates with insurance companies or a lack of services being offered by doctor’s offices and hospitals. When you look at 2017, there are a few noted changes that will be evident. Many are monetary, but there are several that deal with security issues and the safety of patients.

Price Control

One of the things that you’ll notice is that there will be a bit more in the way of price control. Prescriptions are getting expensive, but there is a hint that some prices might plateau or even come down during the year. There are also some measures being put in place to make prices for essential drugs, such as those for diabetics, a bit more transparent.


Verifying Doctors

There are many news stories about doctors claiming that they have the proper license to practice but really don’t. There will be medical license verification databases used in 2017 more than in other years to try to ensure that patients see doctors who have the proper certifications. You’ll likely see more tests given as well as more investigations and examinations of offices and hospitals to see that they are licensed according to the state.


Artificial Intelligence

MRIs and other scans are done with the help of technology. Healthcare professionals will seek the help of AI more than ever in diagnosing and treating patients. The AI will work with radiologists mostly when it comes to looking at the body a bit more clearly to determine what is wrong, such as tumors or other issues that might not be seen on a typical scan.



There are many people who rely on public assistance when it comes to going to the doctor. There will likely be limits placed on the number of office visits as well as the number of services that the program covers. This could have a significant impact on the health of those who are listed in the lower class of the economy as they won’t be able to get the medical treatment that they need.


An Interruption to Obamacare

This is a program that was started to help people have affordable healthcare. With the high fees and penalties that many face, it backfired. Now, the fees are being eliminated for a short time for those who didn’t have coverage through the year in 2016. A new design is in place to offer lower rates and a better way for people to opt in to insurance coverage.


Healthcare is something that everyone needs at some point in life. In 2017, look for changes in the economic aspects of everything from prescriptions to office visits. You’ll also start to see verifications with medical licenses along with safety in the prescription industry.


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