Accident Advice, Five Keys to Navigating an InjurySerious accidents can complicate our daily lives in many ways. They interrupt work, add to our bills, and potentially could require a lawsuit. There are important issues that the injured party must be aware of to successfully recover from the injury and keep their details in order. Here are five keys to navigating a serious injury.

Retain Your Composure

Try to remain as composed as possible after the accident. If you need to go to the hospital, an ambulance will be called or will have already arrived. If that is not necessary (although certainly recommended), gather information from the other party such as insurance and personal information, and cooperate with the police in the event that a police report is taken. If the injury wasn’t a vehicle accident, talk to the property owners of wherever you are as they are likely the ones whose insurance is liable.

Begin Recordkeeping

You will need good records. Keep track of everything, whether you think at the time it is important or not. “Everything” should include all bills you receive relating to your injury, time that you have lost from your job due to the injury, travel to and from anywhere relating to your injury (i.e. physician’s offices, physical therapy, dentist), and your mileage and parking fees.

Notifying Your Insurance Company

You will want to inform your insurance company that you have been injured. Whether it be your vehicle insurance or your health insurance carrier, they will need as much information from you as you have. Do this immediately to avoid potential time limits for filing with them.

Contacts with Third Parties

You may be contacted by the insurer of the other party, if there is one. Many times the average consumer has difficulty in managing their conversation with these insurers. The insurer may advise you that the call will be recorded, and that you must agree to that. They will most likely have many questions for you, some of which you may be unsure of how to answer. They may ask you for information that you do not have at the time, such as how long you expect to be treated for your injury. They may offer you money immediately to “settle” your claim. Try to seek out professional advice in advance so you know how to answer these questions.

The Option to Retain Legal Counsel

Retaining legal counsel can be helpful in an injury case in the event a lawsuit must be filed. Injury lawyers, like those at Gittens & Associates in St. John’s, NL, are familiar with insurance companies and the process involved in an injury lawsuit. The average consumer may feel more confident having legal counsel and not having to deal with the entire injury experience on their own.

With these five keys to navigating an injury, the consumer should be able to make a well informed decision regarding the best way for them to successfully manage their injury.

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