One of the most common challenges that come with running a medical practice is staying updated on patient information. Many offices are often unorganized and struggle to keep up with the growth of their practice over the years. When you want to maintain the patient information and keep it up to date, there are a few important tips to follow.

Set System Reminders

Some software systems will allow you to set reminders to ensure that you verify patient information and update any changes. Set the reminders every 6 to 12 months to make sure that you can easily contact each patient if needed. It’s also effective to ask for their email address, which will allow you to send appointment reminders in addition to making phone calls.

Switch to Electronic Forms

Make it easier to stay updated with the patient information by switching to electronic forms. Your patients can have the option to complete the forms at home before their next visit, which can be immediately updated to your software program instead of typing everything in manually.

Update Software Databases

Stay updated on software databases that are used by purchasing the latest programs that are newly-released and come with the most advanced features. Software databases are easily updated when you receive reminders that it’s time for an update every few months. Simply installing the new updates onto each computer in the office will allow you to stay organized and take advantage of the latest features that become available throughout the year.

Offer Incentives

Offer incentives to your patients when you need them to update their information. Consider providing them with movie tickets or gift cards that they can use in the local area. Patients are often quick to respond to incentives and will be happy to provide you with their most recent information within an allocated timeframe.

Choose Efficient Storage Options

Shelf systems are easy to use when you want to stay organized and update your patient’s information quickly. End-table shelf filing systems are commonly used and are most effective at helping the staff to find records or charts immediately. If you don’t have hundreds of patients to manage, opt for using traditional drawer filing cabinets that are easy to access in seconds.

Keeping your patient information up to date is essential to staying organized. With the right products and practices used, you can enjoy running a smoother office that is efficient.



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