5 Things You Need To Do After Being Injured At WorkBecoming injured when on the job can be both financially and emotionally disruptive. However, workplace accidents do happen to even the most careful employee. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to recover from your injury while maintaining your rights.

Notify Your Employer and Seek Medical Attention

When you injure yourself at work, the very first action that you must take is to tell someone in charge when the incident happens. In many states, your company is required to provide you with a list of company doctors. Make sure to make an appointment as soon as possible with one of these physicians. Follow the doctor’s orders, especially if they tell you are well enough to return to work before you are fully healed.

Fill Out an Incident Report

Once you have reported the incident to your boss, you will need to ask for and fill out an incident report. This provides documentation for both you and your employer as proof that the injury did occur. Further, you won’t forget any details of the accident if they are written down when the incident takes place.

Collect and Keep all Related Documents

Always make sure that you are given a copy of any incident reports. You will also want to maintain any hospital or medical bills for your records. This way, you have all the evidence that you need to obtain any compensation that you may be entitled to.

Investigate Your Rights and Benefits

Employers must actively take steps to mitigate any hazards and to make the work as safe as possible for their employees. However, many insurance companies that cover your employer may not be so keen to give you the full compensation that you deserve. Having knowledge of the benefits that you are entitled to will keep you from signing your rights away.

Contact an Attorney

If you ever have any questions regarding your rights and benefits, you should always consult and attorney. For example, an Oakland personal injury lawyer may be able to help you understand the benefits that you are entitled through your worker’s compensation. The attorney can also help you make sure that you meet all reporting requirements or help you put together a lawsuit if you are entitled to compensation and do not receive it or if you are wrongfully terminated due to your injury.


Returning to work as soon as you are able benefits everyone, from you, your employer and your fellow coworkers. However, making sure that you are safe while at work and receive any compensation for any injuries that you suffer while on the job that you deserve should be your number one priority.

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