Young Living Essential Oils are supposed to be good for you. These parents found out the hard way after sending their kids to daycare.

Essential oils are supposed to be good for you. They’re all natural and marketing companies like Young Living Essential Oils–actually a multi-level marketing company–have done quite a bit to stretch the claims of effectiveness of these essential oils. They use trademarked classifications like EarthKosher Certified or “100% Certified Therapeutic Grade” to further enhance how amazing these products are for you. In particular, cinnamon bark essential oil is billed as one of the most versatile oil. With a list of benefits a mile long, I’m surprised they don’t include a claim that it heals broken bones! Here’s just a short list of the benefits and uses for cinnamon bark essential oil:

  • Analgesic – It is a pain reliever, naturally.
  • Immunostimulant – It stimulates the immune system to work better.
  • Antidepressant – It alleviates negative thoughts and depression.

And that’s not even the complete list of benefits for essential oil. No wonder the staff at Our Kids Day Care in Middleton, Idaho wanted to use the powers of the Young Living cinnamon bark oil. I mean, have you ever been inside of a day care? According to Young Living, this oil is effective for eliminating odors in musty or dingy environments. So what could be wrong with putting the kids down for their nap and cranking up the anti-toddler, poopy diaper odor¬†eliminating potion diffuser? Personally I’d also rather shove a couple sticks of cinnamon up my nostrils than sit in that room. The problem is some of these oils can be very dangerous.

Young Living mentions nothing about the potential dangers of using high concentrations of pure cinnamon bark oils. So the day care staff couldn’t possibly have known what horror awaited them as the kids woke up. According to KTVB in Boise, all of the children had enormous¬†pupils when they awoke and some were even crashing after brief moments of hyperactivity. Sounds like the scene from a Steven King movie if you ask me. The teachers noticed they also had severe headaches and symptoms common in cases of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. They acted fast moving the children out of the room and called emergency crews immediately.

With this scare, it’s amazing to me that this industry isn’t more closely monitored and regulated. Instead, MLM reps have zero hesitation in professing the powers–even cancer curing powers–of essential oils. You know what I used cinnamon oil for? Killing ants. Seriously. Put a couple drops on a cotton ball and set in the path of ants and they’ll be dead and gone in no time. For more, here’s the story from the local news:

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