When you have an active parent who is aging and in need of daily assistance or a bit of help each day, finding the right home for him or her may seem challenging and overwhelming without the proper resources. Understanding the steps to determine which home is right for your active parent is a way for both of you to feel comfortable moving forward with any decision you make together.


Steps To Determine Which Home Is Right For Your Active Parent






Consider Finances

Consider your current financial state and the finances your parent has available. The cost of a home is great so be sure to understand exactly what finances are required. Whether you are planning to sell their current home to afford a community or a retirement home or if you are thinking of dipping into savings, knowing the exact amount of funds you have available for monthly expenses is necessary before you begin searching for the right home for your parent.

Determine Space Needs

Talk openly about the space needs your active parent requires when moving to a retirement community or home. Private rooms and apartments are much more expensive, although there is also the option of living in shared rooms with roommates for those who are interested in company and more socialization for less cost.

Comparing Amenities

Comparing the amenities offered and provided at each home is also essential when you have an active parent who enjoys getting out and putting various resources to use each day. Whether your parent is seeking a home with a maintained gym or if they are looking for a community with private apartments, it is possible to compare all of your options both locally and online. Make a pros and cons list for each home in order to determine which is right for your parent.

Activities and Social Gatherings Offered

Active parents often enjoy social gatherings and both indoor and outdoor activities, making it a top priority when finding a home or community for a loved one. Seeking out a retirement home or community for an active parent can be done by inquiring about various sports available, gym equipment, walking paths, outdoor trips and even swimming pools available before making the decision on the best location for any parent you are caring for yourself.

The more you know about homes and communities available for active parents today, the easier it is to find a suitable placement for your own parent who is in need of care or assistance regularly. Thoroughly researching various homes and communities for active parents prior to making your decision is a way to put everyone’s mind at ease while ensuring you have found the right community for your parent’s own needs and lifestyle.



About the Author: Kandace Heller is a freelance writer in Orlando, Florida. She loves researching, writing and sharing what she learns with others. She was inspired to write this article shortly after she found this community of friendly caretakers at Sunshine Retirement Living.

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