Organized sports can be a great experience for your children, as long as they’re safe. Use these tips to help protect your kids on the field.

Get Your Child a Physical Exam

Before a child starts playing team sports, you should visit the doctor for a pre-participation physical exam or PPE for short. The doctor will check for any health conditions your child may have that could be affected by playing sports. Getting check-ups is important, and this one can prevent a serious injury.

Keep Your Child Hydrated

One of the biggest dangers for children that play team sports in dehydration. This has caused numerous childhood deaths. Take steps to prevent this even if the coach does not. Make sure your child has a large water bottle for every practice and game. Inform your child that he or she needs to stay hydrated at all times while exercising.

Make Sure Your Child Stretches

Stretching before strenuous physical activity is important. It can prevent serious injuries such as sprains and muscle tears. Even minor cramps can be painful. There should be time before each game and practice to stretch. If not, have your child do some stretching on his or her own before he or she starts exercising.

Make Sure Your Child Has the Proper Safety Equipment

Having the proper safety equipment is also essential. , this should include things like helmets for football and baseball. , if you have a boy, making sure he has a cup to put in his jock strap is important for preventing injuries t Thigh guards and knee guards are also important for soccer players. Do the proper research to find out exactly what safety equipment your child should have for his or her sport.

Sports have a lot to offer kids. This includes exercise, socialization skills, goal setting and team building. People that are successful in sports generally go on to be successful in life. However, you should also take the proper steps to make sure your child is safe while he or she is out on the field or court. A little precaution can go a long way in preventing sports related injuries.

Information credited to Cummings, Andrews, and Mackay LLP injury lawyers in Edmonton.

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