With the mention of going to a dentist, anyone naturally cringes up and stalls for time as much as possible. Concerning children, however, other tips and strategies become necessary even before their first visit.

One startling fact is that at least 4 million preschoolers today begin their young lives with tooth decay. That’s 600,000 more cases since the last decade. To help counteract these statistics, here are five bits of advice to help ward off both fear from children and potential cavities.
Parenting and Cavities Tips For Your Childs Dental Care







Do Some Research First Through Word-of-Mouth and the Internet

Someone you know has a kid that goes to a dentist. A school teacher, a church member, coworker or simply a family relation is best to ask for their experiences in bringing their child to their family oral physician.

Take Inventory of Your Oral Education

How much do you know about how cavities form? Most everyone knows that eating sugar and not cleaning their teeth can cause cavity buildup. Did you also know that good, wholesome foods such as an apple and/or a glass of whole milk can also be a cavity-friendly invitation?

Consider The Child’s Age

According to recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Association (AAPD) and the AAP, a child is never too young to take to a dentist; even taking a child before their second birthday is advisable. High quality Las Vegas dentists, like those at Silverado Family Dental, should help your child feel at ease during dental visits. Regardless of whether or not they are getting preventative care or it is an emergency visit.

For children from ages two to six, such monitoring means watching them brush with a fluoride-rich toothpaste dolloped in pea-size amounts. Make sure they actually spit out the toothpaste so they don’t swallow the delicious, fruity flavors made for today’s children.

Start Conditioning The Child Before The First Visit

As much as possible, make it a fun experience and rehearse with the child what they will encounter initially. How a dental set up looks; the friendly people with masks on their faces; the fun part of being squirted by a water gun; rinsing their mouths and spitting everything out; and even the promise of a shiny, star sticker should all be included in your rehearsal.

It’s Not So Much What They Eat, But How Often That Triggers Cavities

  • Limiting in-between meals becomes a must as does limiting items such as fruit juices and energy drinks
  • Don’t allow the child to eat or drink anything with sugar in it after going to bed
  • Be sure to have a child clean the teeth at least twice or three times a day and rinse after swallowing any liquids
  • Start early and eliminate sugar from the household diet; instead, introduce natural sweeteners such as stevia and not the synthetic, chemical-ridden variety
  • Introduce to flossing as a daily regimen

All the above mentioned bits of advice will go a long way to keeping your kids cavity-free for a number of years.

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