Although getting braces is a rite of passage for many preteens and teens, most kids are not excited at the prospect of wearing them. But with parental support, you can help ease the anxiety of getting braces and help your child learn to care for them and understand why they’re necessary. Read on for some tips on helping your child cope with new braces.


1. Involve Your Child in the Decision

Braces have come a long way from the traditional metal version you might be imagining. These days, it’s also possible to get clear ceramic braces or an invisible version if your child is a candidate. Even the metal braces are customizable with colored rubber bands. Let your child make the choice about what type of braces to get as much as budget permits.


2. Provide Information

Your child is less likely to resist braces if they are fully informed about the process. A good orthodontist will work with your child to describe the procedure and address any concerns. If you know what worries your child about getting braces, getting more information about those aspects will ease anxiety. For example, he or she may worry that braces will be painful; in actuality, modern braces cause only minor discomfort for a day or two after adjustment.


Kid Braces3. Focus on Long Term Benefits

The fact is, up to 75 percent of children can benefit from braces, so your teen certainly won’t be the only one in his or her school with orthodontic equipment. Point out the straight teeth of their favorite athletes and celebrities and stress that most people need braces to achieve that look. Your orthodontist can also highlight the long-term issues that can be caused if teeth and jaw issues are not addressed in childhood.


4. Give Confidence

Your teen might be worried about getting teased in school for his or her braces. Help them bolster their self-esteem by allowing them to pick out a new outfit or a stylish haircut. And role play assertiveness techniques that they can use if they are bullied when they return to school with braces. Having responses in mind to use if teased can help take some of the anxiety out of the situation for teens.


Not only are braces critical for many children, caring for them is an important part of ensuring that they’ll do their job. By clicking here you can be sure to stay on top of modern dental hygiene for your child and self. Model good dental hygiene for your child and periodically check in to make sure that they are completed required maintenance, as this may limit the amount of time they need to wear the braces.

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