There are no shortage of anti-drug campaigns which target teenagers and very young adults. However, these messages often leave out the hard scientific facts involving drug use which can be the most persuasive of the arguments against abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Effects of Opiates

Opiates have been in use for thousands of years, one of the easiest narcotic types to manufacture and the most prevalent worldwide. Old opiates such as opium and morphine have been largely replaced with more addictive varieties of drug such as heroin. Heroin in particular has been responsible for many overdoses, as its tendency to mix unpredictably with depressants and sopoforics can cause long-term unconsciousness or even cardiac problems. Withdrawal from heroin is a vicious process associated with shaking, dehydration and violent mood swings. Morphine, heroin’s less addictive cousin, can be almost as dangerous. Access to prescription morphine tablets and capsules should also be limited, as this kind of abuse is increasing in the United States.

Effects of Amphetamines

Amphetamines are dangerous because they increase heart rates, impair judgment, and have long-term deleterious effects on mental ability as well as decaying certain parts of the body. Everyone is familiar with the usual “meth head” symptoms such as brittle teeth and yellowed or brittle nails caused by methampetamine; what many do not know is that a more legal type of amphetamine is caffeine. Caffeine is a dangerously common form of amphetamine; cheap, easy to mass produce and 100% legal, caffeine is even available in pill form. Extended use of high levels of caffeine can lead to arrhythmia or even cardiac arrest.

Effects of Depressants such as Alcohol

Countless public announcements across the nation have advised against drinking and driving, and yet mortality rates from DUI accidents continue to climb each year. Alcohol as a depressant is dangerous enough due to its effects on the liver and the dangers of alcohol poisoning, but the more immediate effects such as a DUI ruining one’s driving record can be more damaging to a lifestyle. This can completely ruin a student or young person’s potential and cause years of legal blowback, damaging their attempts to get affordable insurance or even when purchasing a car. One marijuana defense attorney in Austin has suggested that a single DUI can prevent access to scholarships, lead to social problems and even prevent entry into certain colleges, effectively creating a glass ceiling over young people and preventing life improvements.


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