Good oral hygiene plays a role in a person’s overall health. Keeping a healthy mouth requires a daily oral hygiene routine. Research by the Academy of General dentistry illustrates that the mouth mirrors the condition of the body. There is a definite link between poor oral health and many different health problems. Preventative care, which includes proper brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups helps eliminate the build-up of bacteria in the mouth that contributes to problems in other parts of the body. Besides the obvious reasons such as preventing cavities and gum disease, maintaining a routine oral hygiene program pays dividends in other ways.

 Prevent Bad Breath

The common name for halitosis is bad breath and dental studies have concluded to almost eighty-five percent of people have persistent bad breath. Regular check-ups and professional cleaning is essential in helping prevent bad breath, but it takes routine daily brushing, flossing and rinsing to eliminate it.

 Maintain Good Physical Health

There is increasing evidence that heart disease, kidney disease, strokes and low birth weight in babies may be linked to bad oral hygiene. Some studies suggest that leukemia and diabetes may be related to untreated gum disease. It is estimated that approximately seventy-five percent of the population suffers from advanced gingivitis, a serious gum disease that is preventable with good oral hygiene.

 Avoid Painful Teeth Problemstooth pain

Harmful bacteria that cause cavities can also wear away enamel from teeth leading to extreme sensitivity to cold or hot foods. Food that is not removed from teeth leads to cavities that left untreated may damage roots and surrounding teeth causing discomfort and sometimes excruciating pain.

Enjoy Eatingeat teeth

Good oral hygiene prevents the loss of teeth and advanced tooth decay that makes eating painful or difficult. When solid foods are hard to chew and sensitivity from cavities or gum problems makes eating an unpleasant experience, it is impossible to enjoy eating favorite foods.

 Save Money

Maintaining good oral hygiene saves money because it prevents the expense of having to have fillings, root canals or other expensive procedures that occur because of neglect. Keeping routine dental visits pays off.

Flash a Brighter, Whiter Smilebright smile

Daily brushing and flossing remove food stains and bacteria that make teeth unattractive. Good oral hygiene contributes to a healthier smile that exudes self-confidence.

Establishments like, Sierra Dental believe that enjoying the benefit of healthy teeth requires a dedicated commitment to practicing preventive measures every day. The advantages of keeping teeth healthy and clean make the effort well worthwhile.

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