keep kids healthyAll parents want to help keep their kids healthy in the best way that they know how. However, it is often very difficult to do many things because kids can get extremely stubborn at times, especially with things that they simply do not want to do. Luckily, there are many things a parent can do to help keep their kids healthy without them even knowing it, which will help in avoiding unwanted tantrums and refusals. Here is a quick look at some of the best ways to keep your kids healthy and strong without them ever recognizing what you are doing.


Drinking Tap Water

All public drinking water in the United States is treated with fluoride. Fluoridated water has many oral health benefits according to the American Dental Association, especially for developing children. Fluoride is a substance that is naturally found in teeth and when tap water is consumed from an early age permanent teeth will grow in with more of this cavity fighting mineral in the tooth structure. Simply make it so that water is the only thing that you drink with dinner, instead of soda or juice, which will make it so that your children get the essential minerals that they need.



Many studies have shown the cognitive benefits of puzzles that stimulate the brain. Letting kids work on puzzles like mazes and word searches that they already have fun doing will help them think outside the box, while also supplementing their classroom education. While you children might not want to do puzzles during the day, you can make it into a nightly family activity. Your children will be much more inclined to do these things if they find that you are doing them. You might even want to allow for them to stay up a bit later than normal if they spend their time doing these puzzles.


Healthy Smoothies

Making kids’ smoothies is a great way to hide foods they don’t enjoy in a drink they will love. For example, a great way to get your kids to eat spinach is by blending it with a little dark chocolate, fresh mint, and milk. They will not be turned away by the green color of the drink when you tell them it is a mint chocolate milk shake. Instead of offering sweet and unhealthy desserts after dinner, consider making this healthy and tasty alternative instead. You also can allow your children to have some fun by making their own smoothies with ingredients that you provide.


Disguising Multi-Vitamins

Most pediatricians recommend multi-vitamins as the best way to replenish the essential nutrients that kids miss out on when they don’t eat a well-balanced meal. Such vitamins can be disguised as candy in a gummy or chewable form that kids will love. Nature’s Sunshine is a company that provides some of the best formulated children’s supplements available. Most children will not protest eating a vitamin that is hidden in candy form, and it is a simple addition that you can include with every breakfast.


Family Outings

Offering to take a child to a movie or event and then walking or biking there with them will promote exercise that is fun for the whole family. Going places like the carnival or a convention where everyone will be walking around for hours is another good way of hiding exercise in a fun activity. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, this type of daily exercise will help a child live longer and healthier. Spending time together as a family also has a number of positive psychological effects and it can help to develop the love and relationships that you have within your family.


It is obvious that a little creativity will go a long way when it comes to keeping kids healthy. By disguising exercise as fun and nutritious foods as tasty, children will become healthier without even realizing it.

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