So you finally got serious about losing that spare tire? Good for you! Now that the weight is off, it’s time to deal with the after effects that come along with the loss. If you are a guy who is suddenly carrying around a significant amount of poundage, here are four things that you need to address quickly.

Toning Up Your Body

Weight loss is only one piece of the puzzle. Once those extra pounds are gone, there is still the matter of what to do with that sagging skin. While you definitely look better at your new weight, you’ll look even better after you do some toning and refining.


For example, you will want to include crunches that will tone the gut and provide the beginnings of a six pack. Walking and jogging will help build the muscles in your legs. Weight lifting and resistance exercises will help build muscle on your arms and upper chest. If you are not sure how to create a solid workout plan, head to a local gym and get some professional advice.

Investing in New Clothes

Nothing is quite as sloppy as ill fitting clothing. Would you want to do business with a guy who is wearing a suit that is obviously two sizes larger than he needs? Whether it is your suits or just something like: bellfield mens tees if you’re losing significant weight, you’re going to want to update your wardrobe.

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Start with the basics, such as underwear that fits. From there, treat yourself to enough dress shirts to get you through the entire workweek. At least one dark blue or black suit is in order. You can also pick up a decent sports jacket that you can mix and match with three or four different kinds of dress pants. Don’t forget to pick up a few casual shirts and two or three pairs of jeans.

Monitoring What You Eat

Build your diet around foods that provide lasting energy without a lot of empty calories. Broiled chicken instead of fried is your friend. Dark green vegetables pack lots of nutrients and have little in the way of excess carbohydrates. When you have bread, limit the portions and go with whole grains. You can still have dessert, but learn the difference between a slice and a hunk. Remember that if you don’t make permanent changes in the way you eat, it is only a matter of time before those lost pounds will find their way home.

Keeping Active

You need more than working out at the gym two or three times a week. Don’t get into the rut of going to work and then settling in front of the television every night. Take a walk, go bowling, and toss a football around with some friends. Recreational activities like these are good for your mind, since they help to alleviate stress. They’re also good for your body, since they keep it moving and energized.


Losing weight is a major achievement, but the job is not done once the pounds are off. Rethink the way you live and the way you dress. With a little planning, you’ll feel more confident and begin to enjoy life a lot more.

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