4 Signs Your Child Needs Vision Correction

No child wants to wear glasses. However, when it comes to vision issues, a child doesn’t always know how to tell their parents that they cannot see. Parents must play the detective and find out what is causing the child to act abnormally. Here are some signs that your child may need glasses.

Sitting Too Close To The TV

If you notice that your child is often standing in front of the television rather than sitting on the couch, it could be a sign that they need glasses. When a kid can’t see, they move closer to the object to get a good view. If you tell them repetitively to move out of the front of the TV, then it’s time to make a doctor’s appointment.

The Asked To Be Moved To The Front of Classroom

If your child tells you that they asked the teacher to move them to the front of the class so they could see the board, then it’s pretty safe to say they are having an issue. The school may also send home a note regarding this incidence to let you know and get vision testing done.

Constant Squinting

One of the biggest signs that your child needs glasses is that they are always squinting. According to a specialist from All About Eyes, squinting works to reduce the size of the object your child is looking at, compensating for their inability to see it clearly. If your child is squinting, they probably need vision correction.

They Can’t Read Street Signs

If you are out driving around town and your child is asking you questions and cannot read the street signs; this is another sign of an eye disturbance. They may misread works and not be able to identify things that they once did. It is more likely that a child will be nearsighted than farsighted, but if they have problems reading too; it’s another sign to be concerned about.

Be open and honest with your child and talk to them about their vision. Most pediatricians offer a quick vision check that is very minimally invasive. In some cases, there may be eye conditions that develop at an early age that is serious in nature. Catching these early can mean all the difference in their vision for the future. Not every trip to the optician results in glasses. Sometimes, children get infections that can also cause visual disturbances. Once the infection is gone, the child’s vision will usually return to normal.

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