Back pain is an inevitable in life for most people, but what you do fortunately have control over is the amount of pain you sustain from an injury, and whether you develop an injury at all. These are common ways in which people injure their backs, and how to avoid doing so.

Innocent Daily Activity

It might seem odd, but people often times throw their backs out of whack doing things that they’d never expect would be rough on their back. For example, it’s easy for a person to injure their backs by simply bending down to pick a piece of paper up off the floor or standing idle in front of the sink and doing the dishes for several minutes at a time. The best way to prevent injury while completing mindless tasks it to always keep your core engaged. An easy way to do this is to keep your navel pulled back toward your spine.

Moving or Helping Others Move

It’s easy to fall into the back injury trap when it comes time to move or to help someone else move. You think you can lift that desk all by yourself, but when it comes time to lean down and lift, you find that a very uncomfortable and sharp pain strikes your back. Lifting and moving is a great way to spur a back injury. There are moving companies in the Denver area or where ever you happen to live, that for a fee, will move everything for you! It’s better to pay for a moving company than it is to pay for countless hospital bills, fees, and medications.

back injury

Computer Work and Inactivity

Sitting around and doing computer work or watching TV is one surefire way to come upon back trouble. The reason backs have trouble keeping up with ongoing sitting routines is because it is constantly unaligned, creating painful pressure. To avoid this, try to work in as much exercise and movement as possible into your daily routine.

Over-Exertion in Recreational Activities

Another common way in which people often injure their backs is by participating in sports or activities that they usually participate in. The culprit is using muscles strenuously that aren’t typically used, and the result is usually injury. The best way to avoid this type of back injury is to exercise as much as possible to prepare for this type of recreation. Even after the back has been hurt during strenuous activity, it’s a good idea to exercise it as as much as possible. Strengthening and flexing core muscles is always a great fix.

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