Having oily skin is a condition that most of us experience during puberty. However some people continue to have oily skins well beyond puberty. This situation can be quite appalling especially to teenagers who are at a stage where appearance is one thing that they are keen about. In most cases oily skin is accompanied by other conditions such as inflammations and acne.

To be able to answer the question how do we get rid of oily skin it will be worthwhile to find out what causes this condition.

Causes of oily skin

Oily skin as well as complications that come about with it occurs as a result of increased build up of activity in the sebaceous glands that are found in the skin’s pores. The function of Sebaceous glands is to secrete sebum which is basically the natural oil you will come across on our hair,scalp as well as skin.

In essence what Sebum does is help in the lubrication and moisturizing of tissues something that eventually aids in smoothening and protecting of hair follicles. The problem comes in when our sebaceous glands secrete too much oil something that will result in oily skin. Some of the factors that lead to production of excess oil by our skin include: hormones,allergies to certain skin products,excessive heat ,high humidity and certain foods and drinks.Having known what causes oily skin the next point is to identify how to get rid of it.Below are a number of tips to help you.

– The first thing is to ensure that you clean your skin properly. In most instances acne results from whiteheads and blackheads that occur due to inflammation of clogged spores.

– Ensure that you use appropriate skin face wash in particular because the face is the area most people have issues with. In case you are suffering from acne make sure you use face wash with zinc. The reason for using zinc is the fact that it is very effective in controlling and regulating the glands responsible for secretion of oils consequently inhibiting production of excess oils. Zinc has other benefits such as giving you a clear complexion and reducing the effects of inflammation of the skin.

– Washing your face using natural soap at least twice a day will significantly reduce excessive oil on your skin. Using mild cleansers is highly recommended because they do not irritate skin.

– Getting yourself a good multivitamin is highly recommended. This is because despite the fact that eating a balanced diet goes a long way in ensuring your skin is healthy and supple, a good multivitamin will come in handy since it is not always possible to intake all nutrients intended for your skin from your diet.

– Avoid anti-aging creams that contain paraffin wax and liquid paraffin. This is because the oils in this creams will only be added to your excess oils and therefore instead of tackling the initial problem you end up compounding it.

– Make sure you moisturize your skin. Most people tend to overlook this not knowing that oily skin too needs moisturizing. Make sure to use natural moisturizers such as avocado to because they will cater effectively to your skin’s nourishment needs thanks to their quick absorption effectively preventing the buildup of oils.

If you try these tips you will be able to effectively get rid of oily skin.

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