Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain

If you too are suffering from chronic back pain don’t be disheartened as there are a lot of people suffering along with you in the United States. Every human being suffers from this disorder at some point of the lifetime. Rather this is amongst the most common reasons that people across the world visit a doctor. Back pain can be a severe hindrance to carry out your regular activities.

Nevertheless, more than any medicines, home remedies, certain exercises and posture tips can be useful to treat chronic back pain and alleviate its symptoms. Causes for chronic back pain may include fall, automotive accidents, arthritis, disc injury, and poor posture. Unlike, acute back pain, chronic back pain can take a prolonged and consistent treatment to reverse the condition and stop the pain.

Home Remedies to Treat Back Pain:
Chronic back pain is a back pain that is sustained for more than 3 months and is recurrent. You need to be patient while treating it and do the best that you can to bring it under control as soon as possible. Following are some simple ways to address back pain and ease its symptoms.

Stay Active:
Although, it may sound controversial, but most of the doctors suggest that until the back pain is really severe and does not allow you to get up, you must stay active and avoid bed rest. However, bed rest for a day or more is necessary to allow tissue injury to heal and get back to normal. While it stands true that you must remain active than staying in bed, it is also true that the movements should be gentle and consistent.

Exercise to Lower the Pain:
There are certain yoga asanas and exercises that help you to remain active and lower chronic pain in the back. Such exercises are also effective to strengthen back and abdominal muscles. Strong muscles can be effective in reducing stress over the back.

Hot Compress:
Hot compress has proven to be effective in case of various pains such as abdominal pain during menstruation and chronic back pain. External heat compress over the affected area or the back can reduce muscle tensions, facilitate blood flow and reduce muscle spasm. Hot compress can be given with a hot water bag or a steamed towel. Apply the hot compress three to four times a day after regular intervals.

Avoid Activities that can Trigger Back Pain:
Avoiding activities such as bending, lifting heavy objects, and reaching to bed to change mattresses, etc. can affect negatively over your back health. Avoiding these movements will avoid the extra stress over your back.

Sleeping with a Pillow in Knees:
Lie flat on mattresses or on the floor with either a pillow placed below your knees or sleep on your sides with a pillow placed between your knees. This will give back some extra support and keep it from chronic pain.

Just like hot compress, massage is one of the popular tips since long. Massage with eucalyptus or mustard oil can be effective to treat backache.

Back ache is a common problem and there are a few simple home remedies that can work well to reduce its symptoms and treat the condition. Hot or cold compress over the affected area can be helpful to reduce the inflammation and relieve pain. Avoid sleeping and sitting in wrong posture that is likely to cause back pain. Apart from these home remedies, if your back pain is severe, you should consult your physician to seek medicines such as pain killer and muscle relaxants to relieve back pain.

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