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While some might still debate the legitimacy of essential oils, their increasing popularity has prompted a solid body of research that supports the claims of those who have long heralded their healing, restorative and preventative benefits. “Essential oils” is a term that encompasses a wide variety of products with a wide variety of uses. Peppermint, lavender and lemon are a few of the most highly regarded essential oils on and they provide a good example of some of the health benefits of the proper use of essential oils. If you still have some doubts about whether or not essential oils are worth investigating, here’s a quick overview of just three of these essential oils. It might just convince you to give them a shot.


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Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is best known for and most often used to help with digestion. If you are struggling with indigestion, simply add a drop of peppermint essential oil to some herbal tea and it won’t be long before you see soothing results. A couple drops of peppermint essential oil can also be applied topically to the abdomen or wrists to help with minor stomach discomfort. If you have head pressure, try rubbing a drop of peppermint essential oil to your temples, forehead, or over your sinuses to relieve head pressure. Peppermint essential oil can also improve concentration and alertness as well as increasing and sustaining energy or suppressing appetite.


Lavender is another popular essential oil with a wide variety of uses. In fact, lavender is the most versatile of all essential oils so if might be a great one to start with. Lavender helps the body to adjust to stress or imbalances so while it is fabulous for relaxing before going to bed it is also useful for increasing energy and boosting stamina. Lavender can be helpful for healthy skin as well—just apply a few drops to minor burns, rub onto dry skin to heal and soothe or massage onto scar tissue to reduce the appearance of scars.


Lemon has a revitalizing, citrusy scent and can be used for a variety of purposes from skin enhancement to cleaning and sanitization. Lemon essential oil can help balance skin and minimize oil production by applying a drop or two to oily skin or blemishes. Regularly rubbing lemon essential oil to corns or calluses can help speed up reduction and healing. When used for cleaning, lemon can be extremely useful as well. Try a couple drops of lemon essential oil when attempting to remove gum, glue, or grease spots. Adding a few drops of lemon to plain water in a spray bottle can add a refreshing scent and help sanitize surfaces. Whether its around your house or on your body directly, lemon essential oil has a purifying effect.

As mentioned above, there is an extremely large variety of essential oils available so don’t let this overview limit your understanding of their potential benefits. Take the time to look into the options out there and their benefits and uses. And then give them a shot. You won’t regret it.

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