Spinal Decompression in Fort MyersHave you been coping with back pain for as long as you can remember? Have you been to numerous doctors and surgeons trying to find some relief? Have you been told that back surgery is your only option to get rid of your pain? If you fit any of these descriptions, look no further than spinal decompression therapy. This therapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive approach to fixing your back problems, offering lasting results.

Spinal decompression therapy is a fairly logical procedure–in an effort to relieve back pain often associated with bulging, herniated, or degenerative disc disease, or facet syndrome, spinal decompression applies negative pressure onto the discs in your spin. The degeneration of the spinal discs, creating a thin cushion between vertebras, is often what causes back pain and the associated diagnoses. Applying negative pressure will lengthen the disc height and relieve any pressure placed on these sensitive areas. And the best part? This process doesn’t just numb the pain; it will eventually cure the problem. Once your treatment program is completed, you’ll find your pain is gone.

The procedure itself is very simple. The patient will lie down on a table on either the stomach or back. A strap will be placed on the patient and, during the visit, will slowly and painlessly pull and stretch the body. This pulling and stretching applies that negative pressure to the discs in the spine, giving the disk more space in between the vertebra. Each visit raises the height of the disc space, allowing increased blood flow and more nutrients back into the disk. As the disc height increases, the pain decreases.

Back surgeons everywhere are giving their stamp of approval to this procedure. Back surgery is incredibly invasive and requires a fair amount of time for recovery. Spinal decompression therapy is a conservative treatment option that can often eliminate any need for surgery. The surgical procedures, such as injections and nerve blockers, often only reduce the pain, requiring the patient to return when the pain returns. The ultimate goal of spinal decompression treatments is to cure the problem, thus allowing you to be pain free each day with no worry of having to return to the doctor.

Chronic back pain is no longer something you simply have to cope with. It is no longer something you have to undergo major surgery for to remedy. Spinal decompression therapy can bring you back to pain free days in just a few short months.

Author Bio: Erika Potter is a freelance writer for Southwest Spine & Sport, a leading chiropractic clinic in Fort Myers, FL. She enjoys writing about health, fitness, and beauty topics.

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