The term “spirit” has many different meanings to many different people. For some, it has a religious context that refers to an unseen soul to carry on in eternity. For others, it’s simply the intangible self that’s in all of us, that drives us and is affected by the things we consume, engage with, and encounter physically. For still others, it may even just mean how lively, positive, or happy we are on an emotional and behavior level.

For the purposes of this discussion, we’ll refer to all of the above, and even more. We’ll consider the spirit whatever unseen but driving force lies in all of us, the part of our selves that’s not quite physical, but not quite mental, rather somewhere in the intuitive range.

This is the type of “spirit” covered in research reported on from the University of California, which showed that breast cancer patients survived twice as long when they engaged regularly with others through group therapy. Or that those with certain serious illnesses who attended worship services of some kind tended to live longer. Or the Harvard study that showed people undergoing chemotherapy who meditate experienced less of the pain and nausea that comes with treatment.

From pain to longer life to overall health, those who make regular habits of improving their spirit do better across the board. But how exactly do we improve our spirits?

Spirit Practice

As the Harvard study suggested, meditation is a huge help for improving the state of your spirit. The prolonged periods of silence, peace, rest, and introversion melt away stress (a major factor in health defects of all kinds) and lower blood pressure, which helps promote healthy oxygen circulation and improves hear t health.

As the University of California study showed, engaging regularly with others who understand us is also a bug spirit-boost. Humans were not meant for isolation, contrary to what Simon and Garfunkel sing! When we’re going through difficult times, closing ourselves off from others who understand us is dangerous, and reduces hope while increasing anxiety.

As for regular worship services, there’s any manner of explanations for that aid. On a religious level, worshiping the deity or God we believe in may directly correlate with spiritual health on a specifically religious level. It also promotes hope, allowing us to believe that something greater than us is watching over and helping us, a cycle that feeds on itself in a positive manner. There’s also the sense of community that come from institutions of worship, which harkens back to therapy in many ways.

Whether you’re ill now, depressed, or simply wish to live healthier, there’s no denying that whatever you believe about our spirits, these practices and others that improve the intangible feelings inside of us hold immeasurable health benefits.

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