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Prescription medicine is what most folks turn to when they discover they have high cholesterol, and you’ll probably not be surprised to discover that millions of individuals have this condition. These high cholesterol medications which can be prescribed by your doctor can often wind up having unsafe side effects on your body and your overall health. In order to avoid harmful side effects you are going to find that people are looking for organic and natural ways to deal with medical conditions. You’ll be pleased to understand that we’re going to be offering you a number of suggestions which can help you lower your cholesterol without needing to take prescription medication.

Something you might not have to do, but also something that can be extremely beneficial, is to change the way you eat and start to eating healthier foods. One of the first things you need to do when you want to begin eating a healthier diet is to start cutting back on or even doing away with high fat and high cholesterol foods. There are in fact foods that you can add to your diet that will in addition be able to help you lower your cholesterol in a natural way. A number of these foods are going to be things such as chocolate, nuts and even certain types of beans.

Should you be a smoker, this is going to be something you’re going to want to give up especially should you have high cholesterol. Plaque winds up building up in your arteries when you have high cholesterol, and when you combine smoking into this equation you’re going to find that the plaque is something that can wind up clogging your arteries considerably faster. Plenty of people do not understand how dangerous this is as it can in fact cause death, because the blockages in your arteries can cause you to have a stroke or perhaps a massive heart attack.

Many individuals do not recognize what a negative impact stress can have on your life, and if you are able to cope with your stress you will also have the ability of lowering your cholesterol. Something I would like to mention would be the fact that dealing with your stress with alcohol isn’t a thing that is going to work, actually alcohol can make your stress and high cholesterol even worse. Lowering your stress level is not as hard as many individuals believe, there are tons of different meditation strategies which can be used. Many men and women have found that by simply lowering the level of stress in their lives they are also able to lower the cholesterol levels within their bodies.

If you just learned you have high cholesterol from your doctor, you may possibly want to discuss the options of having him help you set up a diet and exercise plan rather than taking medication. Even if you believe you have your high cholesterol under control, make sure that you consult with your family Doctor before you stop taking your high cholesterol medication. While the suggestions above should help many individuals lower their cholesterol levels, these recommendations are not guaranteed to work for everyone.

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