It’s no secret that cannabis has a bit of a questionable reputation. If you’re running a dispensary, that reputation can have a negative impact on business. Fortunately, it also gives you an exciting opportunity to be a part of the solution. If you run your company the right way, you can help improve the perception of cannabis.

Create a Professional Space

One of the easiest ways to use your dispensary to improve the reputation of cannabis is to make sure it looks clean and professional at all times. It’s helpful to think of it in medical terms — what do people want to see when they visit a pharmacy or doctor’s office? To start, they want a clean, neat space with an organized interior. Instead of using signs emblazoned with marijuana leaves, try a more professional sign that simply states your company name. When your dispensary looks like any other business, it reassures the public that you’re not a threat.

Keep Your Sales above Board

When someone is nervous about cannabis and dispensaries, they might assume that transactions are sketchy or illegal. You can do a lot to change this impression by going the extra mile to create above-board sales. Instead of writing handwritten receipts, use a tablet or computer equipped with dispensary POS software to process sales. This tech-savvy solution helps your business look modern and compliant. As an added bonus, the POS makes it easy to manage inventory.

Run Smart Advertisements

Cannabis has a reputation for being the drug of choice for unsavory characters. The ads you run for your dispensary can either support that image or contravene it. Instead of traditional imagery, why not try a more upscale approach? Stock photos of everyday people, simple illustrations, or text-based ads can promote your business without using potentially offensive imagery. You’ll reach your target customer and let other people know that your dispensary is nothing to fear.

Educate the Public

One of the biggest things that affects cannabis’ reputation is the fear of the unknown. To make your dispensary more familiar, try education. Introduce your budtenders, or display your products and talk about safety. Set up a table outside, support local events, or rent a booth at local business fairs. The more people see your business, the less intimidating it becomes.

Cannabis certainly has a reputation, but it’s one that can be changed. By running a great dispensary, you can help improve the image.

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