Planning a long road trip by car, an exciting trip on the sea or by some other form of travel can be exciting, but you don’t want the excitement of your vacation to be overshadowed by the thought of travel sickness. It is normal to experience travel sickness in varying degrees, but it can really put a damper on your trip. Therefore, you should consider following these three tips for keeping your travel sickness under control.

Take Preventative Measures
One of the best ways to prevent yourself from feeling ill on your vacation is to take preventative measures against travel sickness before you ever leave. For instance, you should consider the position that you will sit in while you are traveling; sitting in the center of the ship might be preferable to sitting elsewhere, and riding in the front seat of the car instead of in the back during a road trip can help you keep your sickness at bay.

Keeping your head still, fixing your eyes on the horizon in front of you, opening a window to allow some fresh air to come in and listening to music or books on tape instead of reading can all help. It is also a good idea to avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes prior to and during your travels so that you can get avoid feeling ill during your trip.

Consider Complementary Therapies
If you find yourself dealing with travel sickness, you should consider the ginger root benefits. Ginger is used to treat morning sickness and helps those who suffer from nausea due to surgery or chemotherapy, and it is also a great herbal remedy for travel sickness.

Although you may have never heard of acupressure, it is something that you might also want to think about if you are concerned about dealing with travel sickness on your vacation. Wearing bands on your wrist that will apply pressure on one of your acupuncture points can also help you feel better if you find yourself suffering from travel sickness.

Take Medication
If you take antihistamines a couple of hours before you travel, you can help combat travel sickness before it ever occurs. Hysocine, which confuses some of the nerve signals that occur in your vestibular system, is also a highly effective medication that works well for severe travel sickness; therefore, you might want to seek this type of treatment if you typically deal with travel sickness.

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