Pregnancy is a happy experience that many women want to be a part of but how can you tackle the pregnancy related depression that tags along? Have you ever tried acupuncture for this problem? Acupuncture is a widely used method used for curing numerous diseases and psychological ailments and pregnancy related depression is no different. Here are 2 ways acupuncture can be beneficial in pregnancy:

1.      Takes Care Of The Physiological Aspect

Remember that your body is carrying out the functioning of two physiological bodies during pregnancy. Yours and your child’s. This factor will have numerous effects on the biological aspects of your system which will include blood pressure variations, blood sugar level fluctuation and many more.

Acupuncture uses its local and systematic effects to take care of this problem. The anti-inflammatory effect that acupuncture has on the tissues relieves you of pains and other physical agony. Acupuncture is also known for improving the circulation of blood in your body. You will get relief from physiological taxation. A healthy body will result in a less depressed mental state!

2.      Takes Care Of The Psychological Aspect

 Though most people will define pregnancy as one of the most exquisite psychological experiences of humanity, the truth is quite different. Not all the psychological ramifications are celebratory in nature as there are accompanying fears and depressions with pregnancy.

Acupuncture is a method that will affect your central nervous system comprising of your spinal cord and your brain. It does this by releasing special depression lifting hormones in your body known as endorphins. Another hormone named cortisol is also released along with endorphins and it helps you by relieving you of stress and agony.

The combined effect of relieving you of physiological and psychological effects of pregnancy can tackle your pregnancy related depression efficiently.


Eliza Lyttle is a personal fitness trainer and a contributor for the site, In her free time, Lyttle loves to party around and recommends that you should order easter party supplies 2012 online to get great discounts. 

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