With the advancement in technology for almost a lot of things, people also try to keep up and advocate these uses of advancements. Healthcare, engineering, aeronautics and others have their services improved because of technology. In terms of healthcare, we now not only have advanced promotive, curative and rehabilitative techniques, but as well as reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.

young women adore pastic surgery

With cosmetic or plastic surgery, people now can literally change their looks just by undergoing surgeries. Women, in particular, love these surgeries because of their want to improve their physical appearances even more. Even gorgeous ladies also undergo plastic surgeries just to make them more appealing in the eyes of others.

Among all age groups, young women in the age of 35 to 40 years have started to adore plastic surgeries. It is during this time that wrinkles, age spots, sagging breasts and other aging processes start to take place so women at this age just want to freeze time and negate aging. According to one of the world’s leading plastic surgeons, Laurence Kirwan, actually told BBC news that more young women undergo plastic surgeries now than before.

The rise of women undergoing plastic surgeries has increased by 5% every year for 5 years. Among the plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments available, young women sought more treatments with regard to face lifts. This shows that women become more obsessed with halting the aging process.

Facelifts may include injection of dermal fillers, Botox and the like. There are also minimal surgeries that can be done such as the short scar facelift that involves pulling the skin upward and backward over the bony prominences in the face to make the skin look tighter and younger. This procedure may cost up to $16,000 that takes it effect for a maximum of 10 years. Another facelift procedure most commonly sought by young women is the mini-facelift, which involves the removal of a small skin area on the hairline just above the ears to pull the skin up when the skin is stitched. The mini facelift only involves a one-stitch procedure, which minimizes scar formation. This mini facelift procedure may cost up to $3,200.

Aside from facelifts, another common procedure undergone by young women is breast augmentation. This is especially undertaken by women past their delivery and lactating years to improve the appearance of their breasts that have become aged due to child rearing. Only a small percentage of women actually seek breast augmentation just to make their busts bigger. Breast augmentation may cost a lot, but women still seek the surgery.

These show that young women are increasingly practicing stewardship towards their selves by undergoing these enhancement surgeries. Cheap or expensive, young women still spend their money on these types of procedure indicating people’s constant need for beauty and aesthetics.

Plastic surgery does not only improve the appearance of a person, but also indirectly improves the quality of life. In fact, those who undergo plastic surgeries verbalize improvement in their social functions, health and fitness maintenance and other activities of daily living just because of the increased self-esteem they get from plastic surgeries. Get more information from http://clinicaabandoibarra.com/

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