Alcoholism, a life-threatening disease of growing prevalence, is highly disconcerting for loved ones who witness it. When alcoholism rears its head, the results are often catastrophic. Sometimes, however, it’s not entirely clear whether your family member or partner is suffering from alcoholism, given the fact that they are still excelling at work or school. Here are four signs you’re living with a high-functioning alcoholic.

Impervious to Hangovers

An individual who indulges in excessive amounts of alcohol has likely endured their fair share of hangovers. As such, they’ve become immune to the dangers and extremities of abundant alcohol consumption. They won’t experience tension-type headaches, increased fatigue, and unrelenting nausea. After all, their body has become reliant on alcohol. In essence, if a hangover doesn’t accompany recurrent drinking, the consumer is likely a high-functioning alcoholic.

Sudden Mood Swings

Unpredictable shifts in mood are the telltale sign of a high-functioning alcoholic. If they tend to self-medicate with alcohol, that’s a glaring red flag. For instance, if an individual is flying off the handle and booze seems to squelch their temper, they rely on alcohol to turn their anger into pleasure. This is no doubt a troubling reality, yet high-functioning alcoholics use this tactic to numb emotions they’d rather not feel. As a result, they become sorely out of touch with their feelings and lash out at the drop of a hat.

Hazy Memory

High-functioning alcoholics are notorious for their memory lapses. They consume so much alcohol that they can’t recall activities they recently partook in. An ongoing “What happened last night?” theme is something to be particularly wary of. In these instances, it’s probable that a high-functioning alcoholic is blacking out daily. It’s often difficult for them to keep track of how much booze they’re indulging in, which snowballs into excess consumption.

Private Drinking Sessions

High-functioning alcoholics manage to blend in with society because most of their drinking is done behind closed doors. Drinking in private is emblematic of a much larger problem. When a high-functioning alcoholic chooses solo drinking over social drinking, it’s because they’re attempting to maintain an honorable reputation. However, their alcoholism is still apparent.

If someone shows any of the above behaviors, it’s indicative of a drinking issue. Whether they wish to believe it not, alcohol has become an all-powerful factor in their life, and it has spurred poor decision-making. These poor choices, unfortunately, often thrust them into the long arms of the law. In such cases, hiring a DUI lawyer may be warranted. In hopes of promoting sobriety, positivity, and well-being, it’s wise to be well-read on the dynamics of high-functioning alcoholism.

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