There is a lot of great medical information available at your fingertips today, and there are also a lot of medical myths and misinformation that can throw you off track. Below is a list of some of the most common and what the truth behind each is.

Why X-Rays Won't Give You Cancer and Other Medical Myths

X-Rays Cause Cancer
This medical myth has been around for several decades. During the 1940s, scientists conducted a study on fruit flies. The study showed that fruit flies exposed to radiation are more likely to develop cancer. However, recent studies have shown that low levels of radiation do not cause cancer. You are only exposed to a small amount of radiation when you get an x-ray and anyone who has an online bachelors in radiology will tell you that most people are exposed to a small amount of radiation every day, not just when getting an x-ray.

Cracking Your Knuckles Can Lead to Arthritis

You may have been told you shouldn’t crack your knuckles because it can lead to arthritis. However, medical evidence does not support this. Arthritis occurs as the result of the breakdown of cartilage tissue around the joints. Even though cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis, it can still injure your joints so do be careful if you do.

Vaccines Cause Autism
It seems more and more parents are refusing to get their children vaccinated because they have been told vaccines cause autism. There have been a number of studies done to debunk this myth. One of those studies involved 530,000 children. It is important to note that parents who do not vaccinate their children are putting them, and other children around them at risk for developing a serious illnesses.

Drinking Coffee Will Cause You to Sober up
Coffee has quite a bit of caffeine, which acts as a stimulant. This kind of stimulant can make you more alert, however coffee will not cause you to sober up completely. Your body has to naturally eliminate the alcohol so there is no way you can speed up this process.

The Heart Stops When You Sneeze

Sneezing does not cause your heart to stop. In rare cases, a sneeze can cause the heart to temporarily beat irregularly. The sneeze can also alter blood circulation to the heart, but it will not make the heart stop beating completely.

When you are looking for health information, it is important to choose your source wisely. There are a lot of misconceptions and contrary to what you may have heard, vaccines do not cause autism, cracking your knuckles will not cause arthritis, and x-rays do not cause cancer.

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