Workplace Injuries How to Recover from your Accident

Being the only breadwinner for a family is a lot of pressure — which pressure increases dramatically if you are injured on the job. While the situation may seem hopeless, here are a concrete series of steps that should be taken to preserve your job, allow you sufficient time to recover, and ensure that you explore any legal avenues that may be open to you.

Know Your Workplace Rights

The first step to recovery actually occurs before the injury does. In order to take advantage of your rights as an employee, you should be familiar with your office’s workman’s compensation program and the rights and privileges it affords you. If you’ve read this contract and policy thoroughly before the incident takes place, that gives you a head start. Your superiors and their legal staff will know the contract inside out, and meeting them head on can help you avoid being tricked or tripped up.

Communicate Effectively with Your Boss

Unless your boss is a megalomaniac or pure evil, he or she should be on your side. Simply explain the circumstances of your accident and what you expect of the company; make sure that you are calm but forceful, and that you are aware of any recent policy adjustments. Honesty may or may not always be the best policy, but in this situation it is — get your story straight and stick to it. Any hiccups or misstated facts can be used to undercut your potential recovery funding.

Retain the Services of a Workers Comp Legal Firm

Personal injury law firms across the country handle worker’s compensation cases every day. Their lawyers are practiced in detailing with the nuances of the language in compensation policies and experts at negotiating fair settlements. Firms such as Bachus & Schanker Law of Colorado litigate cases involving accidents, violence between coworkers, contact with equipment, and exposure to harmful substances. They have more specific expertise than you do and can stand up to your company’s legal team much more effectively than you can alone.

Take Proper Time to Recover

Make sure to see your doctor, get the proper advice, and follow it precisely. Rushing back to work is a recipe for disaster and subsequent injuries; even if your company fairly compensated you for the last injury, there is no guarantee that will happen again if their lawyers judged that you rushed back to work. Take the proper amount of time to get your body and mind right.

Accident recovery is not easy, and this stress is compounded when that accident occurs in the workplace. Knowing your rights, retaining a well-regarded lawyer and taking the time to properly recover will help in your recovery immeasurably.

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