Health in the workplace, both physical and mental, is exceedingly important. If you look after your employees’ health, they will return the favor with loyalty and productivity. It doesn’t take a masters in leadership to keep your employees healthy either. Employee wellness will also save you money. Use these five tricks to manage your employee wellness.

Let People Move or Stand

Sitting all the time has been proven to be terrible on the body. You can combat this by offering standing or convertible desks as an option. Encourage employees to get up throughout the day and move around, and allow them to take breaks to do so. Some mild physical activity throughout the day helps sharpen and focus the mind on important business tasks, projects and solutions to problems.

Let Them Take Sick Days

Not only should you offer your employees sick days, you should allow employees to take them. Treat your employees like people—they get sick, sometimes at inconvenient times, and the rest of your team will have to cope. Forcing sick employees to come to work can get everyone else in your office sick, or get your customers sick, which is understandably bad PR.

Look after Their Mental Health

Any steps you take to improve employee wellness should address mental health in addition to physical health. Burnout is terrible for you, your employees and your company alike. It can result in a high turnover rate which is costly from both a financial and a productivity standpoint. To prevent burnout among your employees, ensure you are sufficiently staffed and undue pressure is not placed on individual employees.

Provide Good Insurance Benefits

If you want your employees to be healthy, you have to offer them good insurance. Insurance benefits can include dental and vision as well, but perhaps the most important is health insurance. A generous employee health insurance policy will encourage your employees to look after their health because they will take advantage of preventative services and seek help when they need it rather than suffer because they can’t afford treatment.

Implement an Employee Wellness Program

A final way to manage your employee wellness is to start a wellness program at your company. In an employee wellness program, you can provide mandatory staff training about healthy habits, stress management and the importance of physical fitness, as well as screenings for things such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Stop smoking programs are also helpful, and will do away with smoke breaks. Wellness programs statistically reduce sick leave and healthcare costs for your company.

By following these tips, you should be able to keep employee wellness high and your business running smoothly.


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