Many studies and the recent statistics tell of women having more injury acquired in professional sports compared to men. It is five times higher than those of men, per player per hour. Seems high? No, there is something behind it and it is even higher with the ACL tear risks.

ACL Tearing Risks among Women

Ones ACL or the Anterior Cruciate Ligament are known to stabilize the knee joint. It is that rubber band like fiber in your anatomy class in the run of muscles and ligaments topic. ACL runs through the center of one’s knee joint. It attaches the femur to the tibia.

Many women athlete are affected by the setback of tearing their knees from unstabilized landings and crucial moves. An ACL tear puts many women, and men even, athletes into rest and hiatus returning only after a thorough rehabilitation.

Lindsey Vonn a professional skier and an Olympic name have suffered from a recent hiatus after having from torn ACL and MCL plus all other knee injuries. After a series of medical attention and rehab, the athlete eyes a comeback in time for the Winter Olympics in Russia.

Sports and Records of Injuries Affecting Women Athletes

Women are cited to have to blame anatomical differences with the higher risk of knee injuries. In sports like soccer, volleyball and basketball, a woman’s risk of tearing knee ligaments is far higher than simple and commonplace activities like the jogging, swimming and biking.

A woman’s wider pelvis that angles the thighbone downward more sharply than men develops the knock knee among women, keeping you more likely to tear or injure knee in mentioned rigorous activities in the world of sports.

 Sports injuries relating to ACL tears points out 70% only of non contact injuries. So it may happen only with the athletes own move, not through contact with other players and things you may collide with in a game.

Causes of ACL Tear among Women

  • ACL tears among athletes may be pointed due to but not limited to the following reasons:
  • Change in direction
  • Jump
  • Sudden stopping after a fast move
  • All other deceleration activities

Preventing Knee Injuries, ACL Tears Particularly

There are several ways with which knee injuries may be prevented ACL tears particularly. It involves the following recommendations:

  • Landing training. Train on how to land safely and rightly
  • Exercise for the lower extremities
  • Training on injury prevention

Remedy for Past Injuries

There are several ways to overcome knee injuries in the past. Knee operations are possible.  Replacement of damaged ACL and knee replacement can also be possible. Regeneration and replacement seemed to be a trend as well.

Ligament and cartilage damage are also available to be sought by many sports men and women athletes. The key to a full recovery is to have an early intervention once knee injuries happen. Some e techniques even encourage faster or speed healing. But then sometime you have to take your time properly before going back to your career.

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