Wise Weight Loss Five of the Worst Diets of the YearIncreasing physical activity, eating nutritiously, and balancing stress are all critical components of the well-known weight loss formula. Most individuals know what losing weight encompasses, yet many are held back by work schedules, family responsibilities, or a lack of will power. Unfortunately, diet companies have honed in on these weaknesses, and use them as a way to consumers to purchase products that yield little to no results. As a result, we have compiled some of the year’s worst diets in order to promote avoidance and focus on realistic weight loss solutions.


Juice Fasting Plans

While juice fasting sounds simple enough, it entails more than just buying premixed juice bottles, or mixes. Not only is juice fasting restrictive, but it also involves preparation and in-depth calculations of the nutrients that your body requires for each meal. In essence, juice cleanses actually deprive the body of essential nutrients.


Lemon Detox

This diet is similar to juice fasting, however, it basis its results on the flesh and juice of lemons. While lemons are high in disease-fighting vitamin C, they can also cause tooth erosion, and deprive the body of essential nutrients when used as a sole food source. Restrictive eating patterns can actually cause weight gain as well, so beware non-balanced diet plans like these.


Coconut Water

Throughout the year, coconut-based products such as coconut water, and oil have increased in popularity due to their positive health effects. While these are considered health substitutes that aide in reduced blood pressure and weight loss, many coconut-flavored water varieties are packed with sugar and not as healthy as you might expect.


Technical Devices to Prevent Overeating

While technology has dabbled in virtually every aspect of the human life, one task it should stay out of is food consumption. From talking forks that tell you when to slow down, to plates that format themselves based on portion sizes, these devices are simply not logical for use in daily life.


Eliminating Entire Food Groups

One recurring trend that has made its way into the fitness world this year is the trend of phasing out entire food groups. From carbs to dairy, these diet plans strip the body of essential nutrients if not properly followed. Eliminating entire food groups can cause the body more harm than good.


According to the Centric Health Surgical Centre in Sarnia most weight loss diets should be done in conjunction with a regimen of physical fitness. Relying on diet alone will never be enough to lose weight in a healthy way. When you use common sense and healthy habits, losing weight doesn’t have to be dangerous or unhealthy.

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