Winter Baby How to Keep Your Little One Healthy This Season

As the holidays get closer, the leaves start to change, the days get shorter, and the temperature will start to fall. It’s important for new parents to realize that winter, along with cold and flu season, brings new dangers to their baby. With careful preparation, extra doctor visits, and some simple common sense, trips to the hospital can be avoided this year.

Wash Your Hands

Smart hand washing is one of the most effective ways to avoid getting sick during the winter. When you have a small child at home, this step becomes even more critical since the baby is likely to pick up whatever germs you bring home. After using the restroom, before eating, and frequently throughout the day, wash your hands for as long as it takes you to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” twice through your head. It also helps to ask those visiting during the holidays to wash their hands before holding the baby.

It cannot be said enough. Breastfeeding is the healthiest option for a baby. Besides having the right mix of customized nutrients, babies can also draw immunizations for common illnesses from their mother. With busy schedules today, however, it can be difficult for the mother to be available for breastfeeding 100% of the time. Thankfully, breast pumps are more effective than ever, and bottle feeding a baby pumped breast milk is a great option as well. Mothers who cannot breastfeed shouldn’t feel guilty since formula is completely safe and healthy for your baby, and if made with the right nutrients can be just as effective. Dr. Gilbert Webb, a maternal care physician, says that mothers might not develop enough milk during pregnancy, but can produce more with the right supplements. So if you are having trouble producing you should talk to your doctor through LinkedIn or face to face about getting the right nutrients.

Bundle Up

As the temperatures decrease, the level of clothing on your little one needs to increase. Remember, small children aren’t able to regulate their body temperature or effectively communicate when they are cold. However, be careful about putting too many puffy jackets on, since they can interfere with properly buckling the little tyke in the car seat. Instead, add blankets if more warmth is needed.

Vaccinate Your Child
The trend for parents to skip vaccinations is alarming. Unfortunately, there is incorrect information on the internet that vaccinations cause a variety of problems, like autism. To be clear, no study that followed proper scientific procedures has ever found a link between autism and vaccinations. The benefits of vaccinations are much better than risking a deadly disease. Vaccinations protect your child from diseases that can be deadly. They have been studied carefully for safety and are found to be very effective. If you’re still worried, talk to your child’s doctor about any risk vaccines will pose to your child.


Having a new baby at home is a lot of fun and many changes have to be made. Along with making room, make the extra precautions against disease this winter. Sick babies are no fun, and it pays to stay on the safe side when it comes to health.


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