Sick ChildAccording to statistics recently released by Google, approximately 7,500,000 internet searches are done every month around the keywords ‘why do we get sick?’ This is a question that is being asked on a global basis. People want to understand why they fall sick so that they can work on preventing the onset of illness. A lot of illness can be related to lifestyle for example a sedentary lifestyle filled with fast food takeaways, excess alcohol and tobacco use will lead to long term health care issues such as diabetes, obesity and heart related conditions. The amount of medication prescribed every month to combat such conditions is immense and the cost astronomical. Without health insurance many people would not be able to meet the cost of their care.

Non Communicable Disease

It used to be that there were major epidemics of contagious diseases that affected the population more than anything else, these were the diseases and illnesses that were passed on through direct contact, and are referred to as communicable diseases. Thankfully these days many of those illnesses have been either eradicated or there are effective vaccines in place to combat the symptoms and effects of an infection. What is affecting the population at the moment, especially in the western world is the increase of non communicable diseases. In this category you will find cancer, thyroid problems, coronary conditions and diabetes, diseased and conditions that seriously affect the quality of life of the patients and demand a lifetime of medical supervision and treatment.

Diet and Lifestyle

In order to understand why we get sick we need to look at the way that we live our lives. Are we following a nutritious diet or are we filling out bodies full of chemically engineered additives and synthetic compounds? Are we enjoying regular exercise and being active enough to keep out bodies in the best shape possible? Are we drinking enough water to keep our bodies hydrated or are we choosing sugary or caffeine rich manufactured drinks instead? Do we avoid harmful substances like tobacco and alcohol or do we go out of our way to access them? Are we getting enough sleep? The answers to these questions impact on how well we feel and how healthy we are.

Covering All Eventualities

We should all spend some time looking at why and how our lifestyle choices are impacting on our health; even the smallest of positive changes to an unhealthy lifestyle can have a dramatic effect on our long term health and well being. These positive changes can in turn have an impact on the premiums that we pay for health insurance, reduce the need for us to take extensive courses of medication and limit the amount of times we have to claim on our medical insurance. So not only can we make a small changes to our lives that can improve our quality of life we can make small changes that will have a long term impact on the health care system and the cost of our health insurance premiums.

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