Most able people might think how awful it must be to be disabled- to not be able to look after yourself, however, for most people who have mobility issues, they simply need the right tools and a bit of help and they will be able to live independent lives. It will vary from person to person but the ability to live independently is achievable for most.

Bathroom Aids

Being able to wash yourself can really add to your sense of independence. Whether it’s a grab rail, a shower seat or bathing aids, there are a plethora of tools that can mean privacy, stability and confidence.

Bedroom Aids

Adjustable beds can mean an easy way to get into bed as well as a more comfortable night’s sleep. Things like cot sides can prevent someone from falling out, and other accessories can mean that getting in and out of bed is now a breeze.

Kitchen Aids

Part of living independently is being able to feed yourself. Opening jars, cans and preparing food can be difficult for some, so there are many products out there that can give a helping hand. Bottle, can and jar openers prove invaluable, and the variety of different food preparation aids from clamped peelers to a board that helps stop slippage, to a workstation that enables you to chop and grate confidently.

Dining Aids

Angled cutlery, one handed cutlery or those which have special grips that are adapted to help people with wrist mobility issues or those with one functioning hand can be incredibly empowering for those learning to feed themselves. Cups and mugs that mean that the liquid can’t be spilt and plates with an edge, so food can’t be pushed off prevent loss and embarrassment for those who move uncontrollably for example.


There once was a time when getting out of the house and going somewhere was a nightmare for wheelchair users. Buses and taxis weren’t accessible and special transport was, and often still is, infrequent and has to be booked in advance. However, today there are many options for a wheelchair user. Whether you want a ‘drive from wheelchair’ vehicle or a wheelchair accessible car, there will be something suited to you, such as those from Allied disability cars. They are all available in a stylish design, often cars that have been adapted as opposed to something especially designed.

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