Any expert worth their weight in gold will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets you up nicely with energy to slowly burn, kick starts your metabolism and means you’re less likely to snack a few hours later. However, this poses a problem for many who, like myself, find it incredibly hard to digest food properly in the mornings.  If you google ‘sick morning only’, you’ll find many who have taken to message boards to find help.


Speaking for myself, I found that eating breakfast was fine, if a little difficult to stomach things like toast or milk that early in the morning. For those who commute to London, which requires a 5-6am start, eating on the go and finding something that was relatively healthy was not easy and would result in problems. Favourites like muffins (high in fibre) and coffee were popular offenders which caused stomach problems. When in a rush, movement will jostle the abdomen around and aggravate the need for the loo; and when you need to be on a certain train or bus, finding a loo can be difficult in a busy station at peak time.

Just The Morning?

Because many don’t suffer from any problems digesting foods at any other time of the day, it seemed to be something about the digestive system needing time to “wake up” itself in the morning. While problems which are consistent throughout the day may point to a more serious issue, those secluded to the early hours of being awake are probably more circumstantial and simple to treat or avoid altogether. If you are suffering from problems at other times as well, whether digestion or other, consult a GP.

Wake Up Slowly

If you’ve been lying down for many hours, it makes sense that your body needs time to adjust to being vertical. This would be especially so if you’ve been tossing and turning all night which would be similar to the sensation of a mini-roller coaster. The body can do some very funny things if you’ve jumped out of bed too quickly, so take thing slowly. People have been know to even faint when they’ve stood up too quickly from being in a deep sleep. Take your time getting out of bed. Sit in bed for about ten minutes even if it means waking up a bit earlier (or going to bed that bit earlier). You may even find you wake up a bit better than jumping straight out of bed.


Some people actively try to exercise if possible before work as a way to not only wake their body up mentally and physically, but also to get rid of toxins in the body and kick-start their metabolism. In fact they swear by it and use it like a hot shower to energise themselves before another long day at a computer or desk. Though it can take some getting used to, and perhaps would mean an hour earlier into bed to wake up to do so, it can be effective. When you’re asleep, your metabolism slows down to a snail’s pace; but even in the evening before, it will have decreased in activity dramatically (which is why you shouldn’t really eat anything sweet after the early evening).


Try different things each morning to find which foods give you the most, if any, problems. For instance, milk is a common cause of many digestion problems in the morning. It’s almost like a very limited lactose intolerance because the stomach struggles to process it. If it is just some foods, you can learn through trial and error which ones and avoid them, find substitutes etc. Milk, for example is easy, by just having your tea or coffee without it. If butter doesn’t agree with you, try dry toast or margarine instead. As with anything, water is always recommended to have at hand.

The Night Before

If you haven’t been to the loo the night before, it means everything you ate for dinner is still present in your system and needs to be flushed out too. Try to include vegetables with every meal, with fruit for dessert so it goes through your system before you go to sleep that night. Additional supplements containing andrographis paniculata are also great to aid digestion and are more natural than taking laxatives frequently which can be excessive and lead to an over-reliance on the. To ensure your body has enough time to digest your meal, it might require eating a bit earlier in the evening (ideally before 8pm).


Author Bio:
Paul has had digestion problems previously especially when stressed. He’s improved his overall diet through lifestyle changes like when he eats and keeping to those times regularly. His work with and research for a natural health company has led him to products like king of bitters which he has also tried.

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