Waking up early and making the best use of your day is the key to success. Most of the successful CEOs and famous personalities of the world are up before 6AM. But a guy Portugal has been making headlines lately because he kept waking up at 4AM to start his day for more than 3 working weeks. The results of his routine are exciting and quite motivating. If you have trouble in waking up early, you just need to go through the story of this name. His name is Filipe Castro Matos. Filipe says that he was a morning person for many years, but he wanted to test his limits. He also wanted to use the most hours of daylight. So he went ahead with his 21 days challenge. The challenge was simple: to wakeup at 4AM for 21 working days. He chose 21 days because it is scientifically backed that you need 21 days to adapt a new habit.

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Interestingly, Filipe shared his journey with the world on his Facebook page. Sharing this made him accountable to people as people usually ask you questions when you brag about something.

Don’t Listen to People, Listen to Your Body

The first lesson Filipe learnt is that people overreact. When you tell someone that you wakeup at 4AM, they think that you are getting less sleep and exhausting yourself, whereas the reality is that your body adjusts the sleeping time with respect to your waking time. So as soon as the clock hits 10 PM, Filipe goes to bed. He wakes up at 4AM and this makes 6 hours of sleep which is what he was getting since many years. If you want 8 hours of sleep, you could go to sleep at 9PM and start your day at 4AM. It’s that simple.

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Get Control of Your Life and Make the Environment

The second most important things is the ability to change your environment and getting on the driving seat of your life. When you decide a big change as waking up at 4AM, many things and people would distract you. Decide your goals and communicate your resolution to everyone who lives around you so that they won’t make noise when you are asleep, don’t freak out when you are up at 4. Filipe had the advantage of being single; he had no one dependent on him, he also has flexible work timing. Yet, he lives in a shared house with 7 other people. This shows that you can change your routine even if you are living with other people.

Use Death as Motivation

Here is the single most important motivating part of Filipe’s story. He never snoozes. He is instantly up when he feels his body has got the sleep it wanted. Why? Here’s the philosophy of his life.

“I prefer to go out and do the interesting things that exist in the world. Because when I die, I’ll have a lot of time to sleep”

Extra Working Hours, Cool Morning Breeze, Sunrise

Apart from witnessing the beautiful sunrises and cool morning breeze, Filipe has got two extra working hours. He wakes up at 4 and starts working at 4:30. He then goes to the gym at 6:30 with 2 hours of work done. He says that since he has started his #21earlydays habit, he has been going to gym more often because he feels fresh and energetic.

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Peaceful Time to Plan Your Day and Life

When you are up at 4, you have two to three hours of peace. You can plan your day, answer emails and messages while the whole world around you is asleep. You can read, meditate and enjoy your “me time”.

You can read Filipe’s story and see his interesting work and photos on his Facebook page.

What are you waiting for? 

So get up from your couch and start making new habits. I would suggest if waking up at 4 seems far too difficult to you (even after all the text I wrote above?), start waking up at least one or two hours earlier than your current wakeup time.

Tell us what do you think about this story and what are the tricks you plan to use to become a morning person.

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