Whenever we are told to have some of these procedures whether we are sick or not, we refuse and the reason is that we mainly do not know the benefits that they carry. You may not have realized your body needed some attention, as some diseases present no symptoms at all. When the doctor tells you to have such a procedure done, he is not after your money and he most likely has seen something to warrant the test. This procedure will give you the below direct benefits.

Benefit one: Cancer prevention

Some of the cancers that affect the digestive system come with no signs at all and this screening procedure will show the doctor what lies in you digestive tract. There are painless growths that grow in the colon and these have been the cause of many a colon cancer. The moment you have this screening done and the growths, called polyps are seen, you will be in a good position to keep colon cancer away when the polyps are removed.

Benefit two: Helps determine the source of any internal bleeding

Your body is not transparent and this means that you cannot look through it to know why your stool may be bloody. This procedure brings to the open any part of your digestive system that is damaged and may be the cause of the bleeding. If you have ulcers and they get more painful than usual, the procedure is used to see the state of inflammation and the results used to recommend treatment and control.The medical term for the procedure may make you fear what happens during the procedure but this should not be the case. The below are some of the most asked questions as far as the process is concerned:

Benefit three: Minimal discomfort

There is no pain at all during the process. The only thing that you will experience is an uncomfortable gagging in your throat as the endoscope is inserted. To reduce this, a mild aesthetic is sprayed onto the throat and all should be well. Once the procedure is done, your throat may be sore for a day or two.

Benefit four: Short procedure

Once you have been prepped for the procedure, it takes about 10 minutes to be fully complete. After this, you will need to rest in the hospital for about an hour for the effects of the aesthetic to wear off, then you will go home, and an adult friend or family member should accompany you.

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