Many women are now considering breast augmentation. Before undergoing any surgery for that matter, it is better to have the full information regarding the procedure to increase compliance to therapy as well as improved recovery. Aside from having to note what will be the indications of breast augmentation as well as what will be done during the procedure, it also best to know what to expect after undergoing the surgery. It is during the post-operative period that patients will have more roles to play because recovery is reliant on your ability to deal with the things that happen during this time.

before and after breast augmentation

Many women also fail to ask post-operative facts before even actually undergoing the procedure and they only ask about it after the procedure itself. However, getting to know what to expect prepares you more with the procedure and the new change in your physique.

The following outlines the common things that you can expect during the first, second, and third week of surgery.

What to Expect on the First Week?

Hours up to the first week of breast augmentation, there will be various discomforts that a woman may experience. Nevertheless, these are just the effects of the surgery and can be managed using conventional measures. The following are the possible things that you may experience after the surgery:

  • Pain

Pain is the first complain that you may be telling your cosmetic surgeon. Pain is the response of the body to the break in the tissue during the procedure. The pain is usually confined on the sutured areas as well as inside the breast where the implants are placed. This is a result of the inflammatory response that your body undergoes. Pain is usually managed by painkillers and usually goes away after a week. Never touch the operative site often to prevent introduction of microorganisms that can cause infection.

  • Breast Swelling

Swelling is also a common effect of breast augmentation during the first week of surgery. The breasts contain a huge network of blood vessels and lymph so any tissue trauma in the area may lead to escape of fluids to the surrounding tissues. To manage swelling, cold compress is usually placed within 48 hours of surgery to promote vasoconstriction.

The bandages placed will also be removed within the first week to maximize healing and prevent infection. Supportive bra is recommended to hold the breast in place and promote healing.

What to Expect on the Second Week?

Following the first week, women may return to their work  as long as these are only mild works that do not employ heavy lifting, otherwise, wait for your physician to tell you that it’s fine to resume. The stitches are also removed within 7 to 10 days of surgery so you will need to visit your surgeon for the removal. The breast implants will also be observed to settle a bit and begins to be sitting high on your breast. It is important to continue to wear supportive bra and avoid any contact sports or activities that may injure the operative site.

What to Expect on the Third Week?

On the third week, there will still be mild swelling and pain; however, they are easily tolerable. The breasts may assume their final position during this week and the next weeks to come. You can also observe that the suture sites have already healed.

It is very important to follow any post-operative instructions of your physician to prevent possible complications such as infection and hematoma formation. Always consult your doctor if you may be feeling any changes in your breasts such as numbness, bleeding, pus formation and even fever because this maybe signs of complications. Have more questions in mind? Then visit this page to know answers

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