HearingIf you find that you are having difficulty hearing others or have to turn the volume up higher just to watch your favourite television program or listen to your favourite music, it is probably time to see a doctor. An audiologist, a professional that performs hearing tests to determine your level of hearing and if any hearing loss is occurring in one or both ears, will be able to tell you what level of hearing loss you are suffering from, if any. He will also inform you on whether or not you need devices, such as hearing aids, to improve your hearing.

If you are wondering if it is worth your time to go see a medical professional about your hearing and to have a hearing test done by a doctor, or if you are ready to take that step but you want to know ahead of time what you can expect, here are a few of the many things that a hearing test will be able to tell your doctor.

Types of Tests

Many different types of hearing tests can be conducted at your doctor’s office to determine your state of hearing.

One test requires you to wear a simple pair of headphones into which various tones and sounds will be played. If you hear the sounds, you are to press a button to let the doctor know. The headphones will alternate the frequencies of the sounds, as well as what ear the sounds are projected into, so that your doctor can determine what frequencies you pick up on and miss out on, as well as which ear is stronger or weaker than the other. This test checks your inner ear as well as your outer pathways.

If your doctor wants to check your inner hearing pathways, he will use a test that employs a bone conductor, which is a simple device that vibrates on the mastoid bone behind the ear.

Speech discrimination tests will help a doctor determine if you have trouble hearing people speak.

Determining If There is Hearing Loss and the Degree of Loss, If Any

You may not be certain if you are suffering from hearing loss or not, but a doctor will certainly be able to tell you, thanks to hearing tests that check your ability to hear sounds that are projected at different frequencies. If your doctor performs a hearing test, he will not only be able to determine if there is any level of hearing loss in one or both ears, he will also be able to definitively say how much hearing loss, or what degree of hearing loss, has occurred thus far.

Cause of the Hearing Loss

Your doctor will examine your ears physically, as well as look over your medical history and lifestyle, in addition to conducting hearing tests. All of these tests combined will help him determine what is causing your hearing loss. Once a cause is determined, such as a medical condition, aging, or physical trauma, he can determine the solution.

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