Losing weight is never easy, but if you’re hoping to slim down before the summer season, implementing the changes you’ll need to make in order to reach your goals might be easier than you think. The formula for losing weight is simple. You need to create a deficit in your calorie consumption. This means you need to eat less and exercise more, burning more calories than you consume and thus causing your body to burn fat.

Eat Healthy Foods You Enjoy

Dieting can be particularly difficult for those of us with a sweet tooth, soda addiction, or taste for fattening, processed foods. Regardless of your eating habits, you’ll likely have the most success if you approach a diet gradually. Giving up your favorite foods can make you feel discouraged and tempted and may even cause you to give up on dieting altogether.

Instead of setting firm goals, go easy on yourself. Do you enjoy french fries, chocolaty sweets or burgers? Learn to cook the foods you love in a healthier way. This might sound difficult, but there are countless recipes, tips and resources available that demonstrate easy methods for creating delicious dishes that are lower in fat and calories. Make sweet potato fries using coconut oil, take a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and simply cut down on the sugar content or try making a turkey burger with tasty seasonings.


Recognize What Your Body is Telling You

When we don’t give our body the right nutrients, we may feel hungry despite having eaten enough calories. Loading up on fruits and veggies will give your body the nutrition it needs for a healthy metabolism and will minimize your chances of overeating. According to the USDA, adults should eat about 2 cups of fruit and 2 1/2 cups of vegetables per day. Meet these recommendations and you may find that you have more energy and crave unhealthy options less. If you’re eating enough fruits and veggies but still feeling hungry, tired or sluggish, adding a vitamin or some Adipex weight loss pills to your diet may help.



If you’re not a fitness enthusiast, getting the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day might sound like a challenge. However, it’s easy to get enough physical activity when you keep your health in mind throughout the day. There are many types of exercises you can do any time, and place. For example, why not start your day with 10 minutes of refreshing yoga? Then, at lunch or on a work break, try doing some pushups, squats, and jumping jacks for another ten minutes. Towards the end of the day, go on a short, brisk walk, lift light weights, or wind down with another quick yoga routine. Alternatively, find fun activities you enjoy like biking, swimming, or even gardening.


Summer is just around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to work on your bikini body. Start focusing on your diet and exercise habits today to give yourself the best chances of feeling fine and fit come June.

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