Ways To Prevent A Work Injury From HappeningMost places of employment offer manuals that outline their mode of operations. To prevent a work injury from happening, employees should be cognizant of these terms and conditions. They should strive to comply with all codes of conduct to the best of their ability. These include rules, regulations and governing policies specific to that location. Any violation of the codes may result in personal injury. Injury in the succeeding categories may be prevented as follows:

Slip and Fall

Some places of employment require their workers to wear specified, protective footwear. They are usually made with the type of material needed to accommodate certain performances. Workers increase their chances of safety by obeying the footwear rules. They can also assist in safety measures by not spilling on liquid or leaving objects around to serve as impending danger.

Back Injury

It is imperative that employees know their weight limitations. They should not attempt to carry loads heavier than recommended. It would be best to set a realistic goal for moving heavy items, instead of trying to do it in a crunched time frame. Persons who sit for long periods at a desk should also know their limitations. They can apply this rule by knowing when to take a break to avoid excessive back strain.

Machinery Malfunction

Machinery operation is the lifeblood of many workplaces. To guard against machinery mishaps, employees should familiarize themselves with their operations. While many of them may be easy to operate, they can still malfunction at anytime. Therefore, operators should always exercise caution during use.

Colliding with Objects

It is a common thing for workers to walk into glass doors and windows and other objects. A keen knowledge of object locations and how they function should help. By knowing where things are, workers can better maneuver without endangering themselves.

When Injury Prevention Fails

Despite following all the guidelines, accidents happen. Workers may be left with pain and suffering, medical bills and other expenses. According to theLaw Offices of James E. Latimerin Oakland, CA, work injury victims should hire a qualified attorney to negotiate settlements. This will protect employees’ rights and ensure fair compensations.


There are efficient ways to prevent a work injury from happening. Although, the place of employment has terms and conditions that must be adhered to, workers have a responsibility. They should learn the rules of operation and seek to comply with all work standards.

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