You are out dancing with your girlfriends and you are having a great time yet you cannot wait to get home. Not because the music is boring or the guy you are with has the personality of a nematode; it is because your feet are killing you! You just want to kick off your dress, shoes and rub your feet all the through while wondering why you bought that killer pair of heels, though they look splendid on you. These scenarios can be a thing of the past once you buy a pair of foot orthotics.

These miracle foot solutions not only eliminate pain but improve posture. They can be found in a vast array of colors and sizes and can be custom made to fit whatever shoe you want to wear. The beauty of these devices is that they are not only limited to adults. Children with feet problems can also benefit from them. They may also be made to fit dress, casual, and sports shoes. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a pair of orthotics:

  • Size

Select a pair that fits otherwise you will be just as uncomfortable as you were prior to using them. A good orthopedic practitioner can help customize it to fit not only the size of your foot, but its width and arch depth as well.

  • Ailment

If you have moderate foot or back pain, then your needs may be different from someone who is suffering from a more acute form of foot problem. You cannot compare athletes’ foot to a person suffering from arch problems. Visit an orthopedic specialist to assist you in choosing the solution that is right for you.

  • Functionality

The type of shoe you wear will determine what kind of insole you will get. For example, the one made to fit a dress shoe is slimmer than that made to fit a sports shoe. Be sure to advise your doctor of the intended use.

Take proper care your insoles to serve you for a long time. Keep them clean as per the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent foul odor. It is not advisable to interchange insoles for one shoe with another if they are not of the same type. Switching out insoles from one dress shoe to another is fine while interchanging between a dress shoe and say a tennis shoe is not as the fit is different.

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